5 Jamaicans Charged with Abduction & Buggery - May 5 2021 1

5 Jamaicans Charged with Abduction & Buggery – May 5 2021


The five (5) people taken into custody with relation to the buggery of a 13 y-o girl in St. Ann have been charged with abduction and buggery.

0:00 – Introduction
4:42 – 60 People Charged for Breaching Curfew
9:36 – INDECOMs Advice on Viral Videos
14:44 – JTA President Speaks on Face-to-Face Classes

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  1. Unspeakable, unspeakable, may God help that child, they need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. People are exposing themselves to the most ungodly thing ,and this is the result .

    1. A trick : watch movies at flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching lots of of movies during the lockdown.

  2. Why are our men becoming so cold? I pray for my Island . Mr. Minister I hear your voice loud and clear about the pandemic, curfews and protocols.. Whats happening with the rise in crime/violence against children, women and even innocent men? I am waiting to hear your strong voice regarding preventions and plans… Our island is becoming the Wild Wild West What’s happening? Charging and locking up is not enough… Prevention is better than cure… How can we prevent ?

    1. Let us ask, if not march for the return of the Cat-O -Nine and the Death Penalty !!

  3. Stronger penalties are needed for crime and violence. Stop protecting criminals, stop hiding and withholding their names.

  4. What’s wrong with these people. Adults should be protecting these individuals, not hurting. A 5 year old child. Saaadd

  5. My heart goes out for this little baby girl! I’m a grown woman and I don’t think I could survive it. Let’s much her. Omg what happened to these monsters.

  6. So what about the people who where on boat and party rocking until it crash why haven’t all of them been arrested

  7. Hope they get a dose of them medicine in prison nasty dutty me nuh know wah fi call them

    1. Lol…I’m mad too Roxy Edwards..We all have choice words on this..Shame, shame ,shame

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