5 Vehicle Crash Claims 1 Life in Rose Hall | TVJ News - Sept 30 2021 1

5 Vehicle Crash Claims 1 Life in Rose Hall | TVJ News – Sept 30 2021


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  1. Oh my These drivers especially those in the trucks who because them say big unit have all rights them race too much

  2. My God when your family leaves home it is so sad when families receive this kind of news…. Please my brothers and sisters be careful on the road remember the sorrow of your love ones when you speed kill yourself and others…we have to pray right through the day for journeying mercies give thanks when we reach home..with that said Life is a journey we know not how where or when it will end I pray we will set our records straight in this life for after death comes the judgement. My deepest condolences to grieving families at this time I pray God’s comfort and strength in this time

  3. 7 o’clock is not that Dark in Jamaica. From the damages to the vehicles it is clear that they were speeding.

    1. It’s very, very dark at 7p this time of the year in JM which makes commuting even on that Rose Hall stretch even more dangerous. Further, the road surface is very uneven and there is practically no street lights in that area. Sadly, this was just another accident waiting to happen. It’s a very sad situation.

  4. That’s y I didn’t buy house in that area…I m not going to risk my life going back n forth

  5. I used that road often from the conference center all the way to Holliday hin is very uneven very bumpy so if you not going slow it’s easy for you to lose control

  6. Has anyone heard of speed bumps aka sleeping policemen there are different speed bumps 5 mph, 15 mph, and 30 mph speed bumps? The height and aspect ratio determine of the bump determine the speed. The highest speed bump is the 5mph speed bump. get the picture.

  7. My sympathy to those who are injured
    Wish them a timely recovery. My condolences to the families and friends of the deceased. May such soul finds Eternal Rest.

  8. Speeding, speeding, speeding. That’s the problem. I have driven along that road twice in recent times and I am surprised at the speeding.

  9. They just need to cut their speed that’s all. To make it worse when it nears curfew hours ppl racing to reach in b4 time

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