5 Year Old Girl Shot & Killed | Mayhem in St. James | TVJ Midday News - Oct 7 2021 1

5 Year Old Girl Shot & Killed | Mayhem in St. James | TVJ Midday News – Oct 7 2021


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  1. Mercy . Condolence to this mother . I feel this so much bc my daughter is also five yrs. What’s wrong with these hoodlums!! They careless who they kill! She was only 5 yrs old . People need the Lord

  2. Please get rid of minister rum head Chang . This is way bigger than him , also the commissioner of police. Obviously the pm and the commissioner of police are good friends but at this point, we need competent leaders to take over .

  3. How much more can we take? Sigh this is too much. Let us pray for the precious little angel’s family.

  4. So sad an innocent baby got killed all because of these careless gun idiots who don’t have anything else to do Rest In Peace little angel condolences to mom and families of this baby

  5. The reason why Jamaica has not reached 10% of the population not vaccinated it simple we have in incompetent government and an even more incompetent health minister. This health minister should have been dismissed a long time ago.

  6. People need to understand that crime is everyone’s problem not just the police,so when there are people in your community with illegal guns and you sit on it guess what,you need to know that sooner are later you or a love one of yours might become the next victim.

  7. Jamaica needs to get crimes under control. Innocent kids are dying. People are supposed to be safe in their beds. I won’t be travelling to Jamaica until that happens and I would advise all tourists/visitors to stay away.

  8. Don’t know how else to tell you all, IT’S GONNA GET WORST! it’s the last days, men heart are getting desperately wicked

  9. Horace chang is just in a line of worthless security ministers all talk and no bite. Successive failing governments from the 1990s until now. Its a shame even in 2021 we Jamaicans cant have good governance.

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