1. Jeannie Moos, gotta get used to her style. She’s a riot, but I don’t think she meant any disrespect. She’s fun.

  1. She obviously didn’t want to cover this. That’s all you can hear in her tone. I couldn’t even take it seriously based on how the lady sounds.

    1. You’re right. Jeanne’s videos are usually well edited, lighthearted, & fun. This was simply awkward. Being Greek myself, and knowing the struggles the family must have gone through leaving Nigeria for Athens, & then finally for Milwaukee—I am ecstatic for Gianni Antetokounmpo’s successes & happiness.

  2. I like his style! Chicken nuggets, Chicken bites all the same! You earned it big guy. Good on you.

  3. The combination of her tone and the lack of any background sound make this video so hilarious.

  4. 100 years ago – Human beings are intelligent species that won’t find men shooting a ball through a net interesting or entertaining. Welllllllll…. (Says the marketer).

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