$50K Increase in Pay Not Enough – Klansman Gang Member Lawyer | TVJ Midday News – Nov 3 2021

$50K Increase in Pay Not Enough - Klansman Gang Member Lawyer | TVJ Midday News - Nov 3 2021 1


  1. Father God I pray that you help the person reading this to have a blessed life and a happy one💯 🇯🇲🙏

    1. Stop this sky daddy father god foolishness, wish someone well but leave out the brainwashing Christianity foolishness! Sweet white Jesus Christ doesn’t exist!

  2. Surprises me everyday how ppl don’t realize the bigger criminals are sending smaller criminals to jail…if y’all knew the evil deeds of politicians and law enforcers

    1. So what about those who cant find a nights dinner why these white collared criminals are so greedy yet they cant pay. workers wanga gut.

  3. Did they find their bank accounts and withdraw their money to pay the lawyers, they should not be represented by a lawyer, the family members should be getting compensation for their love ones who these wicked vagabonds kilked

  4. All of these people don’t realize we are still slave and we need to get back to our father Yahawah by keeping the laws status and commandments because it was because our ancestors broke the covenant why we where send into captivity and to this day we are still in our captivity

  5. 70% of the remittance to Jamaica is from the USA I am proud of my Jamaicans in the USA , and shame and disgrace on those Jamaicans who lived in other places, the USA is always winning .

  6. So why the tax payers have to foot the lawyer bills for these rich criminals,and their extortion ring is still running in Spanish town they can afford their lawyer bills!!!

  7. The lawyers don’t want the 50k increase so give it to teachers as it is readily available and go back to the negotiation table with them.

  8. Let’s extend blessings to fallen hero like
    Ernest Wilson a wonderful songbird who played his part in Influence us creative thinking and ways to make a living beyond violence. Jamaica is the cultural mecca for the world .they know this but they divide us because our potential is unlimited. But the riches are here abundant if foreigners have no fears of Jamaica they will go down town like weddy weddy used to and spend money think about it

  9. They must not get anymore money because the lawyers no the rate for legal council before hhey sign up for it

  10. The mosquitoes are immune to whatever they are spraying. They spray today, a day or two, here comes the mosquitoes.

  11. Suppose you all focus on ridding the country of criminals and cleanse JA of these psychopaths, you people arguing about fees. The love of money is the root of all evil,.

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