1. Sooo they could pack 100 senators mere inches apart during the 2nd impeachment but tonight they had to limit the seating because of coronavirus concerns

    1. @B. T. No sure what living on a farm on not has to do with anything, but since they supposedly took the covid jab why do they continue with masking themselves when in public? It’s all phony theatre virture signaling is what it is. Idiots.

    1. “We The People” does not mean the government. It means The PEOPLE. Very indicative if where his head is at…

    2. @Fanomajohn His priority is Government, the bigger the better. Not the people, as in the USA citizens. The Democrats are doing nothing for the American citizens. The Democrats are only about enriching and empowering themselves. Use that bit of info as a lens through which you view their actions and proposals, and you’ll see exactly what they’re up to.

    1. And for some reason it made the dislike like ratio split on this video the last time I checked it was 6.2 k dislikes 1.4 K likes.. they misconstrued the likes to make it look like the country is split down the middle but most Americans hate this Administration!!!

    2. Shouldn’t be able to do that since it’s a Public Office Account. There’s already been court cases about this.

    1. Well he has to say what c.n.n. tells him to or they’ll have “technical difficulties” and you’ll never see the dude again on this channel.

    2. I mean most Trump supporters do believe in bigfoot (Despite no actual logical proof) so I’m not surprised m’fkr.

    1. Is that supposed to mean anything? I mean, if they polled 1,000,000 Americans at random, you’d still only have about a 0.3% chance of knowing one

    1. @Cal Wilson well this sort of thing has never happened before so you can’t say that is a definite.

  2. They just polled people who voted for him and they only gave him 53%. Another problem, they couldn’t poll the people in cemetery’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. 45 left office with an approval rating in the high twenties. Worst ever. Never cracked 50% in 4 years.

    1. Very hot lair. There’s god that’s why heaven is belong to group of people hell is also belong to group of evils

  3. My heart goes out to everyone and my prayers is for the whole world Also my heart is concerned for the younger generations. Unity for the whole universal world with peacefulness and love. This realm can be met by removing causes of divided conflicts with serenity.
    May God bless the whole world with grace. Amen

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