544 New Covid Cases | 15% Increase | Hospitals Across Jamaica Full or Near Capacity - August 13 2021 1

544 New Covid Cases | 15% Increase | Hospitals Across Jamaica Full or Near Capacity – August 13 2021


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  1. Do you really think doctors should sit at home and wait for you guys to re hire them after not resigning their contract hopefully they went somewhere else to work this country is getting more depressing every day

  2. Could I get some clarification on this, I have learned that the count is a continuation. Meaning if a week ago you had 20 and the following week you had 5 then the medical report would be 25 new cases. If this is so then that’s very misleading.

  3. look how much people want the shot ,then why are they talking about vaccine hesitancy Andrew you just don’t have enough to give the people so stop making life hard for Jamaican with the lockdown policy.

  4. Thank you TVJ for the update on this spike in daily covid positive cases . I am fully vaccinated and i will still wear my mask and follow the other protocols put in by the government and The prime minster God bless you all. Will be praying for us all.

    1. @JESUS Is LORD I wonder which blasted idiot would let you into the hospital. People are DYING from covid, whether or not you choose to remain sceptical about it.

    2. @Biggs 66 people always dies fr all different alment…now everyone die is covid…….get in line the vaccine but u still going to die…..from complication

    1. Most healthcare sectors across the world are in shambles..look no further than the a United States the wealthiest country in the world

  5. Deaths are the only metric worth reacting to and that’s the only one I watch and it states that 2 percent of those infected die.

  6. I can’t believe that fare raised in Jamaica y didn’t they do as the UK. Fare decrease in the UK. Jesus I thought those in parliament would have a heart and not hike up transport price

    1. The UK also has a proper government run public transport infrastructure in which they foot the costs of fuel and vehicle repairs. Jamaica relies on taxi’s jpaying for their own fuel and repairs. I think it’s unfair for taxi men to collect the same fair despite their operating costs rising significantly.

  7. Recovery rate 97.7% as at today but goes unreported bcuz it doesn’t fit the government or its propaganda machine’s narrative

  8. How do you get herd immunity from a drug that doesn’t provide immunity from the virus. It doesn’t make sense.

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