55% of Canadians want to continue working at home: survey | COVID-19 in Canada 1

55% of Canadians want to continue working at home: survey | COVID-19 in Canada


A new survey shows that the majority of Canadians want to continue working from home, some even more than they do now.

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  1. did you hear the last part?? your job can be done anywhere! in any country! by any 1 at a lower wage! buyer beware..

    1. If you think a business can have vital services be run by foreign labour on PC’s and a connection then you have never worked with foreign labour. Most companies have already tried foreign labour as an alternative and most of the time it fails the only sector that was able to be replaced was low level IT.

  2. 55 percent? So over 18 million Canadians? Or the ones you asked cause I’m certain we don’t even have that many Canadians working let alone from home…

    1. @jazz hands we don’t use the term “gulag” anymore, we have to call it Supreme Leader Trudeaus happy fun time camp

    2. Why do none of you understand how polling works.. You take a representative population and extrapolate the data to match the total population. Also it would be 55% of Canadians with jobs that can actually be done from home, not the entire population of the country.

    1. A cubicle is just about the right size for a cot and that’s all the space you’ll need because you’ll own nothing and be happy!

    2. @SubmarineSanders original post was about converting office space into subsidized housing not about working from home.

    1. There’s a catch though, when it’s time for promotions they probably won’t be looking at the guys working at home.

    2. @Mr. Grey bahahh tell that to my web developer hubbie whos been working from home for 8 years and makes 150K a year lol silly h.s drop out con

  3. They can easily employ anyone living anywhere … meaning they will hire anyone for cheaper from another country

    1. sadly that would bring about bots being used to force unwanted things through. But it would certainly be convenient if it worked out.

    2. @Landon Sorenson lol as if current day politicians were not bots who can be bought with $$$ to make them do things.

    3. Yeah that’s kind of how Switzerland works. Lots of referendums. More input from citizens directly, they’re not beholden to the “representatives” as much. There are pros and cons to that system. I see what you’re saying, though.

  4. Saying 55% of Canadians want to continue working at home implies that at least 55% of Canadians are working at home, which is obviously not the case.

    1. 55% of Canadians with job that imply *working in office*
      on a survey of 100 peoples, 55 would like better to work home and 45 peoples would like to continue working in an office.

  5. Bye bye Canadian jobs. Remember these at home jobs can be done by anyone anywhere. This is means in a country where the labour costs are cheaper. And as an employer why not save money. Be care for what you wish for.

  6. So 45% want to commute, fight traffic, and go into an office? Crazy if that’s true but I guess if you’re single and lonely it would make sense.

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