6.4 magnitude California earthquake shakes Los Angeles

An earthquake with an early measure of magnitude 6.4 hit Southern California, about 150 miles north Los Angeles near Ridgecrest, California, according to the US Geological Survey.
At least four large aftershocks have been recorded, measuring 4.7, 3.5, 3.8 and 4.2 magnitude, officials said.
The quake was felt in central Los Angeles as a long, rolling quake, making buildings rock back and forth for at least several seconds.
CNN's Tom Sater and Sara Sidner report.
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    1. If you look at the USGS map, it looks like it was just in the China Lake base hills on the restricted side.

  1. I slept through it, I woke up at literally 1. Don’t know how I didn’t wake up and once I did I see this in my recommended.

    1. same i thought someone was shaking my bed but i go on youtube at like 2 and see there was an earthquake

    1. @Ricky Pez yeah i know i live here. I know what state Las Vegas is in. I’m in Henderson Nevada, close to the Las Vegas Strip, and my girlfriend and i felt the earthquake. It lasted between 15-30 seconds.

  2. Natures fireworks have always been more impressive than mans, whether it’s underground or overhead. My thoughts and prayers go out to those in Southern California.

    1. A firework is an explosion, junior. This was just a shifting.

    1. Kali Cush knuckleheads out there cold shooting the hoops …a car pulls up who can it be ???

  3. I live in Los Angeles I was taking a shower and I was shaking but my family
    Also felt it thank God I don’t live in regdechest😧

    1. Liberal Snowflakes wtf is wrong with you ! God loves everyboby and yes he knows all of us . Go read the Bible learn who he is . He created heavens and earth . He create us yes he knows us very well .,

    2. Mitchell MitchellFamily no boby knows when the end of days is coming yes there will be more quakes we are due for a 9 “ yes we will know when the sounds of his army trumpetsblowing the earth will shake . People will died . Remember who u want to believe in . Not just revelation but Corinthian also .

  4. Of course that USGS rep didn’t feel it while driving! Driving through Calf and the crappy roads, it is like having daily road earthquakes!

    1. Dude YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!!!!! Ever drive on Highway 87 near downtown San Jose? What a fucken JOKE that is! Rattles my brain! 🤯

    2. Yeah I’m surprised this state has such crappy roads despite the large amount of tax surplus it collects from its citizens

  5. Anyone else also receiving Life Insurance ads before they watch any videos? 😉

  6. Considering I live pretty far from the actual quake, it lasted 10 seconds and I could feel it. Hopefully everyone who felt it more than I is alright.

  7. I was in bed watching some YouTube and I thought I was being haunted with the way my bed was shaking. I looked at my fish tank to see my poor fish being swayed violently back and forth

    1. Me too but not the fish mine was stronger because my bed felt like being swinged in 360 form

    1. Vasco Faris That is a warning from God. You will see everything in the book of Revelation in the bible very shortly unfolding. Repent! Time is up.

    2. Gd destroyed Sodom and Gammorrah for their sin  and He said”if my people, upon whom my name is invoked, shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from the heavens and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” I’d be on my knees if i was California and gov newsom

    3. Mos Kito wow!! How cruel all for the rich huh? Wtf is wrong with u people all I hear is hate . There more in life like read the Bible love ur neighbor . People need to stop hating others ur rude comment aren’t cool . U cannot go to heaven with money !☮️❤️🙏🏻✝️

    4. Mitchell MitchellFamily quit scaring ppl noboby knows when the end is coming stop . Pickup a Bible and learn about father god


  9. Hummm I’m in Barstow visiting family friends and I didn’t feel or see any move/shake and I’m only 70 miles away

  10. I’m a Cali native. I stayed in bed for the whole thing. If it ain’t 8.0 or higher I’m not freakin out.

    1. Thundercloud Jern *yea it’s been long over due. So when we heard about this all we could think was “it’s happening”. As of now it could happen any day and we wouldn’t know*

    2. @A Akd Not if one has the protection of the Devine Guardian Angel. But an shallow M8 will do alot of damage. The M6× was out in the Majave desert. Very sparsly populated. And the liquifaction tore up a bunch of roads. I skidaddled monday back to Texas.

  11. I was at Anime Expo, leaning on a chair. When the quake hit, I fell and so did my wig…

    1. I was in the town that actually felt the full 6.4 impact. Kind of disappointing they list LA in the description when it’s about a 3hrs drive away from Ridgecrest.

    2. Amk Styles
      San Ramon is like a 6hr drive from the earthquake on the other side of the state.. so San Ramon is more than safe.

  12. Damn was just making some red white blue pancakes and my butter fell from the counter just trying to eat breakfast man

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