6 Covid deaths | Learning Loss in Jamaica | TVJ Midday News – Nov 9 2021

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  1. Some school don’t have 6 forms so you want tell me say my chid ago left school at age 20 when them should have two year left a college a cut uno fi cut them head and put knowledge in there kmt this no mek no sense it want more thinking

  2. I’m so in agreement with you Mr Principal, pay attention to early childhood, a solid foundation is needed to have a strong structure.

  3. This is something you need to think out carefully before making a decision from lucky chicken feed store in Saint Ann

  4. I’m against a mandatory 7 year high school career.
    Not all minds think alike, everyone can’t get a degree.
    Studies have shown that the more educated people are, the less children they have and Jamaica already have a low birth rate for the pass 5 years.
    Vocational training is highly needed. Efforts should be spend improving HEART impact on young lives and market programs to attract the young.
    Early childhood is vital…… introduction to STEAM program critical to nation building

  5. Lol a which chicken head come up with this idea? Bout 7 years children a go through 12 form through to college and still come out not doing anything. Maybe we need more appropriate jobs with more pay cause everybody a run go call center go stress and call center a pay better than nursing work weh nurse of fi a study all 5years for lol

  6. Watch Linvern Wright, past Rusea’s High School Principal, “what is your average Mam?” Lol, he was the best

  7. Early Childhood education is a must! When the foundation is solid then the structure will be firm. However, what struck me as an early Childhood teacher was seeing how those children performed so well & by the time they got to 5th grade their performances were low. Something happened between 3rd & 4th. State examinations should be held for these grades in order to monitor their performances.

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