6 questions Donald Trump’s tax returns may answer 1

6 questions Donald Trump’s tax returns may answer


Congress is about to receive access to Former President Donald Trump’s highly sought after tax returns and everyone wants a peek at what’s inside. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza examines what we may and may not find out.


Biden's Justice Department says IRS 'must' hand over Trump tax returns to Congress

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Long-concealed Records Show Trump’s Chronic Losses And Years Of Tax Avoidance

6 theories for why Donald Trump won’t release his tax returns

Trump: 'I have zero investments in Russia'

History of La Cosa Nostra

Cruz: Perhaps Trump’s Tax Returns Show His ‘Dealings with the Mob’ More Extensive than Previously Reported

Donald Trump and the Mob

18 Revelations From a Trove of Trump Tax Records

Trump boasts about his philanthropy. But his giving falls short of his words

Trump and the Truth: His Charitable Giving

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    1. Bet we find out he sleeps better than everyone that stays awake worrying. Is pansey okay still? I’ll try that then.

    2. 58 likes 188 people trying to find creative ways of calling you and your platform R3T☆RDeD. Seems right. Carry on with the hate.

  1. I want to meet the (non existent) auditors who have (not) been auditing these tax returns for four years.

    1. Indeed, you would think the IRS could make a public statement that they are either doing an audit or that they are already done and have results to share.

  2. “Mr. Turbo Tax”. nice!! They are afraid of it getting public because the Dumpster KNOWS he is not the success he says he is and the returns will show it

  3. Give how close trump always seemed to be to money laundering operations (see his “plans to build a hotel” in the country of Georgia for example) I’d be pretty shocked if there were no money laundering in his opperations.

    Especially when you consider the stop gap benefits to trump and his businesses. I.e.- making the businesses appear busy.

    1. @Bioniq Bob I’ve been waiting for five years for Democrat promises to come true, but they never do. Dumb Lib.

    2. @Bioniq Bob If you still think Trump is going to prison after the last five years… You are really, really, dumb…

    3. @Bioniq Bob If you are too stupid to compete in a free society… I guess the Democrat Party is for you… Fortunately I’m much smarter than you…

    1. @Stinky girl with a stinky king dumb. When he is behind bars, this one would be swept away. Treason , lock him up and Make America Grateful Again.

    2. @Stinky girl How is it possible that a millionaire like Trump pays $750 dollars in taxes in a given year?
      How is it possible that Trump paid NO TAXES in 11 of the last 18 years?
      Why can’t he just make his tax returns public and if there is nothing to hide, make his critics go away?
      Any millionaire cheating on his taxes is barely news. But Trump is not any millionaire, he was the President. So reporting on Trump’s deceptive behavior is not obsession, its accountability.

    3. @Stinky girl yup .. and every month that passes gets us closer to a final eradication of the orange-cancer 😂🤣

    1. If CNN only reported on things that are actually happening they wouldn’t have anything to report. Sure they could report on the inflation crisis, border crisis, labor crisis, or supply crisis…
      They won’t though. Those don’t fit their narrative.

    2. @Eternalwarpuppy : It’s the same for every 24 hour service. Too much time filling with “what if” and “what do think will happen?” which is lazy and a waste of time… and there is so much other important news that literally no one covers. Of course, FOX just lies constantly and aggressively so I won’t even let that crap appear in my channel line up.

    3. so do I. why dont they investigate the clinton foundation, hunter and joe biden, john kerry, and the bushes. Then ill believe you are doing this for America, other wise you are doing this against a political competitor, and that is illegal. Right former President Nixon?

    1. if he goes to jail, it’s more likely that he would be jailed for state-level election fraud, like the DA for Atlanta is investigating him for.

      federally, i don’t think the government likes the idea of jailing him. they just want to keep him and his supporters away from DC

    2. Really? How’s the “Russian Collusion” investigation going? Impeachment #1? Impeach ent #2? Stormy Daniels? Can Liberals see predictable patterns?

    3. @Phillip Sunkel did you forget about the OLC memo stating that a sitting president cannot be indicted ?……common sense the cretin said…..just wow

    4. He won’t be going to jail. If he was from the working class and was making 50k a year, he would definitely be looking at some jail time.

    5. When are the sexual assault allegations about old joe going to be heard
      Same day hunter’s computer gets released I bet 😂😂😂

  4. Gives to charity, do you remember what he did with his charity that was supposedly for sick children? Cheato only gives to charity if he is the cause. All that money the sheep give to him, he sees that as charity which benefits himself. And I hope those loans are called in soon.

    1. Nice own goal there, John_Dennis. The banks own 90% of ALL properties. Bear in mind, 10% of Trump’s properties is more wealth than you’re ever likely to have earned in your entire lifetime.

  5. Anybody who deals with construction and Realestate during the 1980’s had to have dealt with the mob at some point. In the 1970’s and 80’s NYC was run by the mob with great influence.

  6. It was reported by many that Trump’s actual worth was “off the table” as a subject to the comedians and writers for the _Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump_

  7. Maybe DJT is “fighting like hell” to keep his taxes secret because he “won’t have a country any more” after we see them!

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