6 Shot in Hanover | Major Crash in Bog Walk Gorge | JDF Aircraft Crash in St. Catherine Jamaica 1

6 Shot in Hanover | Major Crash in Bog Walk Gorge | JDF Aircraft Crash in St. Catherine Jamaica


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    1. @Page One i listen violent music, but I have no intention to ever take a life. Unless I have to protect my own, but these illiterates have no ability to use their minds to move them beyond the a t of killing

    2. @Emanuel Bright you and I have that ability to know it’s just music and it’s just verbal diarrhoea they’re talking ,most of these so called entertainers are uneducated they don’t realize by promoting violence in music could cause someone else their life !

    3. Please elaborate because even people with education are more than capable of murdering someone. Money is the root of all evil not illiteracy. It’s called greed. Like morons on wallstreet.

  1. God will bless you 7 × fold for your service of compassion for the victims and help.. but if you had rather ask for money for doing a good deed, jah will not honor your blessings…. I realized the struggle in the islands, but jah stills don’t bless profit, he rewards your charity an character… prayers for all jamacia..

    1. @Garcia Brown


  2. Even when they put retaining wall at the flat bridge some reckless driver still going to knock it down. There are some real stupid drivers out there and no matter what u do they are not going change.

  3. Definitely think those divers that regularly rescue and safe lives should be compensated or at least acknowledged with medals of bravery publicly.

    1. An honour would be great but that can’t feed you or your family. I think they save people out of the goodness of their hearts but compensation for their heroic work would be greatly appreciated.

    2. @Dainelle Speaks Tv Im sure they would prefer compensation. I was saying something is better than nothing.

  4. Their Not Suppose To Ask For Help Andrew Needs To Dissappear He Does NOTHINGThey Need Life Vest Diving Gears Food Drink & An Appreciation Award Bless Them Gwan Do The RightGod Sees Guides & Will Surely Bless You

  5. Jamaica people always late in a hurry, they must reach somewhere 10AM and they leave their house 11AM so they’re always trying to catch the time they leave behind and kill of other people.

    1. Avis, you are so correct.
      Most people leave their homes late and still expect to reach their destination early. They always fight to catch up with the time they left behind.

  6. Need to replace the bridge altogether. Not sure why in the 21st century we STILL have such a small bridge and we have a foreign contractor in the of CHEC that upgrade it to a 4 lane bridge. There is nothing magical bout the Bridge. It just engineering and can be replaced as the geology of the area allows for such an upgrade!!!

  7. Simply speed kills..no matter what wall they put up it won’t stop some of these drivers from killing off people…Speed kills

  8. That bridge almost 300 yrs old.
    So many slaves have died been working on it…its a haunted place.

  9. If there we put a dollar in jar for every time a car plunge in that river since it was built there would be enough money to but a retaining wall. A lot of bodies in that water, been happening donkey years

  10. How many more accidents and lost of life will it take before the Government do something for the road users.

  11. Toll the bridge . Charge a small fraction of what is charged on the highway above.Use the funds to compensate these brave divers.

  12. JDF is avoiding questions and their actions with the news crew are very questionable. More to come…

  13. Flat bridge needs to have 24 hours life guard , you never know when a vehicle is going to go over in it.

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