6 Yr Old's Murder Uncovers Criminal Network | TVJ News - Dec 13 2021 1

6 Yr Old’s Murder Uncovers Criminal Network | TVJ News – Dec 13 2021


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    1. 75 yearsare you mad, 400 hundred years!! That sweet little girl is next future teacher, lawyer adopted mommy, best mommy, all the good that life have in-store for her and he take all that away? No man 400 years!!

  1. My condolences 💐 goes out to this little girl 👧🏿 family and friends.😭😭😭🇯🇲🇨🇦🇧🇧🇸🇱🎯💯

  2. These fools rather guns than humans life, these fools put more values on a gun than even a child life.
    AS I said ” guns and fools are a dangerous combination”

  3. Teachers & kindergarten Students getting murdered by illegal gun and Contractors killing. They need to tax these Chinese businesses at a higher level to pay for more police and investigation teams. But old mindset is ruining Jamaica and tourism

  4. Mi heart weep when mi see dem ting ya, condolences to the family members although dem same one gudly ave a clue who do it sad to say.

  5. Yes if I are cleaning a gun and lifts are in close proximity you have a responsibility to leave the area.Gaaa bush wid dat

  6. That’s all Horace Chang and him politician fiend them do all the times chat chat chat. And don’t care about the people.

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