1. @skate metal yes by changing all of the internal parts. It was designed for coyotes so it is a hunting rifle. Learn before you speak.

    2. @Wallace,William pistol are even more cheaply made fully auto. Have you heard of a switch. It turns basically any had gun into a fully automatic for under 100$

  1. All those firearms are being displayed illegally. They need secure firearm locking devices and they need to be secured to an immovable object. Why are legal firearms owners the only ones who have to follow firearms laws in Canada?

  2. No way this is possible. There is a Handgun freeze on right now. No way they could’ve brought them into the country 😅

  3. Can anyone point out the firearms used for deer 🦌 and duck 🦆hunting 🤔 oh wait a minute that’s right hunters don’t use those firearms and actually turns out these firearms are illegal from the USA wow go figure eh?

  4. Wait, you’re telling me banning firearms didn’t stop criminals from getting their hands on them? No way, who woulda thunk

  5. Almost all pistols.. after a pistol ban.. it’s almost like criminals will still get their hands on firearms if they want to or something.. shocker

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