6th Form to Become Mandatory at Schools | TVJ News - August 22 2021 1

6th Form to Become Mandatory at Schools | TVJ News – August 22 2021


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    1. @Malcolm P open your eyes only because u accept everything they tell you they keep getting away with the foolishness they are doing

    2. @Lightening Wilson official so the mobay scam boys do things cause their in financial desperation…my friend like many others get your education n skills and leave jamaica and do well with your opportunity and dont get bitter

    3. @Malcolm P dude only people who voted for them get those types of opertunities I have no interest in that because if they lie by telling me it’s my rate to vote, when the Constitution says it’s my right to vote for what I believe in . I don’t believe in anything they are doing why vote

  1. But no job no dey ya is only call centre work or you have to know somebody to give yuh child a work else dog nyam dem suppa

    1. That’s their way of sapping everything they can out of the parents school has its benefits but it’s also a scam what the children’s need are usable skills a that can build a society and not be work slaves

  2. This is beyond foolish!!! Most people will not need what is offered at sixth form. There are some of us who have visions of what we want and keeping us shackled to a high school is foolish. There are some people who need the structure. Why would you force those of us who don’t require such institutionalization to suffer? What we lack as a nation is creating pathways for exposure to usable experiences that can make a difference in the world of work, and holistic development.

    1. I think the pandemic has helped to pushed this. Due to mass students missing education for prolong period of time. However despite how this sounds in theory, time will tell if JA genuinely has the infrastructure to enable this to run smoothly and become a reality.

  3. Also not all schools have sixth form not because they don’t want to, but they don’t have building space, or land space for building, I hope the government has considered all rhe factors necessary, additional teachers etc

  4. Out of all the things Jamaica needs, this isn’t one. Formal schooling is already unnecessary in this day and age.

    Going straight to what you want to do is best. If it involve school, fine, if it doesn’t throw it out.

    Kids in first world countries are retiring at 25 because they start what they love at a young age.
    This is why Jamaica is still backwards and in poverty.

  5. Look here unu need to teach the children skills all these kids leaving colleges with degrees and end up in call centers.

  6. Not everyone wants their child to stay in school that long. Why JLP think its ok to take away people choice

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