7.2-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Western Part of Haiti 1

7.2-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Western Part of Haiti


A 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit the western part of Haiti, causing homes and a historical cathedral to collapse. No casualties have been reported. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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7.2-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Western Part of Haiti


    1. @Emblem of Vigilance because their is a scientific explanation for everything the laws of physics are created by the Creator He is not bound by them

    2. @Emblem of Vigilance Lol maybe you should learn a little more about Darwin before you state that ludicrous claim

    1. @Emblem of Vigilance who is anyone to doubt that Kien felt tremors of some kind just because it feels a bit off the wall to some doesn’t mean.. it is. We are ALL connected in this world one way or another!!!! Maybe the tremors are connected… maybe they’re not. Why be negative man? Be a bro

    2. Every one should be watching Dutchsinse for quake predictions. 7 day watch for CA. He has live chat. Stay informed.

    3. @Drought Tolerant I would be worry with California because it is situated somewhat between Alaska and Haiti, stay tuned and fingers , hope that nothing would happen

  1. “And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you”.

    1. For certain ethnics blaming others for things that they didn’t do for a past they didn’t live through, and hating them for the color of their skin matters more than kindness or forgiveness. Our gift though is we will never see them in heaven.

    1. Takes at least 72hrs to mobilize equipment, personnel, etc…..im sure the U.S. will touch down first being closer than france…but Haiti has to also request the help…political red tape bs

  2. Hoping the Clint Foundation gets down there quick to make sure they take in hundreds of millions in donations and then not use it to help the people of Haiti. Or has everyone forgot about that?

    1. @kelaarin interesting as that is write numbers I thought that were thrown around years ago, but a quick look today had the number I used. Any chance it is harder to get the old numbers?

  3. To everyone in Haiti, you guys have had to endure so much, please stay strong and just know you will have tons of support to help everyone in need…

    1. @Sic Semper Tyrannis VI I’m sorry if other people only do it to get fame or anything like that, but I literally just made this Comment to hopefully give people hope in a dark situation.

    2. @Sic Semper Tyrannis VI Because I’m a 19 Year old who has no money, trust me if I could donate I would. In fact I’ll probably donate what money I do have to help them.

    3. @Sword Man well i hope they’ll read your support post some day (internet and telephone lines are out) and eat their fill of empathy since that’s all you seem to have donated thusfar.

      I’m sorry if i appear cynical about people’s ‘supportive’ intentions, its just too easy to spend a few mins writing a post and then just forget about the whole thing. And then there are these people calling themselves ‘influencers’ who seem to spare no trouble exploiting a situation for their own benefit to make themselves look good. Truly a ‘form of display’ and utterly disgusting. I saw videos of ‘influencers’ pretending to help somewhere then it turns out they just want to be filmed pretending they are.

      Since you were addressing ‘everyone in haiti’ and talking about ‘tons of support to help everyone in need’ you seemed to me another activist with ‘messages for the world’.

      Of course there’s nothing wrong with expressing support so if it’s genuine kudos to you. but if not, well-

  4. Our Prayers are with the people of Haiti we love each one of you… mY God send the help and resources you all need… save souls and rescue the perishing….amen

    1. @Violetta Shearer Judge not ..wickedness everywhere….here in the US wicked everywhere…pray for those who suffer!

    2. It’s not your country. The original indigenous island people were purged 400 years ago. You’re invasive.

  5. There has been a lot of Magnitude 7 this week, South Sandwich Island, Alaska, Philippines and now Haiti. Prayers up for Haitians from PH

    1. We encourage you to watch record of the international online conference entitled “Global Crisis. This already affects everyone”- which took place on July 24, 2021 – the most important event for humanity now!
      Creative society

    2. @Marilyn Courteau yeah when bad things happen it’s got to be man’s fault, it can’t possibly be something natural it’s got to be some kind of grand conspiracy, you people are nuts.

    3. @James Ouellette i’ll take thay as a compliment from someone who is comfortably numb and not aware.

  6. Be careful of charities…..some keep a large portion of the cash and very very little goes to help the Haitian…..research those charities and report scammers.

    1. About one third of such charities are scams. Of the ones that are real, on average, about 30% goes to advertising and administrative costs. Then when the money finally gets to it’s destination, around 20% goes to bribes and graft. Out of $1 million donated to Haiti, $666,666 are not scams. $466,666 makes it to Haiti and $373,333 makes it to the people it’s intended to go to. Some are better than others. Shop around, investigate a charity before donating. Read the wikipeida article about the charity first as they usually have good information on the charity. If there is no wikipedia article on the charity in question it most likely is a recently formed scam. If you personally know someone in Haiti send the money directly to that person. You can also make your donation directly to a handful of charities that operate physically in Haiti though investigating them may be more difficult. A friend of mine saw a charity advertising for donations when the big earthquake hit years ago and she sent them $100. She later discovered that charity was a scam operating out of Nigeria and so not one cent went to Haiti. There are scam artists who operate full time and create a new website to receive donations every time there is a natural disaster and they make millions of dollars a year on such things.

    2. @nunya biznez The Clinton Foundation, downtwn Manhattan office, for every dollar after the Hatian earthquake, only 6 cents wen to Haiti and 94 cents for admin.and processing, for 2 years Hatians protested outside their NYC office but no media coverage. Many in media will hide the truth and even lie.

  7. Wow my poor country when i heard the news this mourning i started crying, my mom show me videos of kids and aldut dead on the floor, so pls pray for them tonight

  8. I send my condolences to all the families in Haiti who are mourning a loss of a loved one or friend from this morning’s 7.2 earthquake in Haiti. May The Most High God strengthen and comfort them!

  9. I’m currently in a relationship with a Haitian man who still has some family in Haiti. I will keep them in my prayers.

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