1. You just have to read the comments of this post to see why America is dying. All the distractions and cross talk and politics is killing you. It’s not just the president’s fault (it is to an extent) or the Whitehouse or government – it’s you – you who won’t wear a mask and deal with this. Covid deniers. Idiots. Freedom is not more important than your personal responsibility to not kill your fellow citizens. You are arguing and delaying and fighting while this virus is killing and maiming people. You are morons. You are doing it to yourselves at this point because you think “my rights” outweigh a global pandemic. America will die if you keep going this way.

  1. Trump and Pence: We have slowed the spread, we have met the moment
    COVID19: I’m still here guys! I’m not going anywhere

    1. They probably did help slow the spread… I haven’t been nearly as horny since Trump won the election.

  2. They are clearly pulling at straws… Im not risking my kids lives so they can make a political point

    1. @Vlad5903 Gaming Hey Vlad, I live in Italy. Schools shut down here on the 9th of March. They’re not opening until September. Schooling hasn’t stopped. Here they almost seamlessly made the switch to teaching online within weeks. Here in Italy. Are you telling me that you wonderful citizens of the USA cannot do what Italians can do?

    2. @mcfahk i believe we could. the problem is not everyone here in the us has access to a computer or internet. most of the local districts here went to online teaching but thats not being done everywhere. i currently volunteer on my days off taking internet capable tablets to families that cant afford them in my area.

    3. Do not let your children go out and join any protests. How do you think this thing is spreading? And your next step is to go after all those Mayors and governors who are not cracking down on all the rioting going on because they are the ones allowing the disease to spread.

  3. “Everybody should assume they’re an asymptomatic infected person.” Wise advice. Please follow that! Here in Europe many of us have heeded this exact advise since mid march.

    1. Mairiam DeBron
      The thing is Mairiam you tell an American to safe distance an wear a mask they start screamin about the fukn constitution
      That’s some piece of paper in America that says they can do whatever they want. Like a bunch of spoilt brats crying for more of whatever. Sometimes I wonder how they ever got to be a super power without throwing a tantrum

    2. Rest of the world realise’s that life is different with this virus about, Americans just don’t want that to be the case.

    3. I’m in the province of Manitoba in Canada,share the border with North Dakota. Its like night and day. Our province has one known active case with twice the population of North Dakota,they had 55 new cases today.
      Our province just extended the state of emergency for another 30 days,with only 1 case.

      And as I say that we went from 1 to 0 then just added 5 cases today lol travel on a flight may be one of the cases.

  4. The president is such a narcissist that he thinks that everything that happens in this country has to do with him.

    1. @Bill Hollingsworth not really considering the facts that suicides have ramped up, false facts of police brutality when it’s 19 white unarmed and 9 black killled when majority are justified but thats cnn for you causing civil unrest and riots killing officers and civillians in every race. But that’s the left’s side about race and not Americans so there is that

    2. @dont be dumb The true left’s view would be that the killings are are a class issue. If you are por no matter what colour your chances of a visit to the big house are way greater than if you are part of the financial elite that is screwing everyone. American’s knowledge of politics is appallingly low which is why the average Joe is doomed to live in a nation of chaos.

    3. Sick people like you here are blaming Trump when people by hundreds to protest and kill and burn. Covid cases are manipulated by media. Go read Breitbart news the left and officials are making it bad enough in official reports to blame government and especially Trump but people are not dumb like you. All you do are blah blah and your not helping at all. Covid high rates are all fake!!! Many said they were not tested but received in mail they were positive. Foolishness. Who will believe media in cnn, bbc that are anti trump? None

    4. @Bill Hollingsworth I agree police that are in the wrong should be accountable I’m sure we can agree on that. It’s not a nation wide problem when the majority are good and looked down upon and threatend for the few. Like the Minnesota officer should be charged and is being charged but the Atlanta issue where someone faught two cops wrestled for there tazer fired the tazer at the officers and ran causing a riot that killed a 8 year old. That’s just a sad story of many on a lie told by the left. I’m a veteran and seen every race work together we are Americans and that’s all.

  5. Does this guy really think that everyone is continuous thinking about his reelection?
    Most parents find the safety of their kids a lot more important than politics

    1. Its not just Trump. Many of his supporters believe the entire Covid pandemic revolves around America’s mainstream media’ contempt for their dear leader in hopes of toppling him.

    2. The safety of your kids what’s the safety of your kids vaccinated them with cancer autoimmune disease autism and maybe even death is that the safety you want because I wouldn’t want that for my kid my kids immune system can fight back a virus but with the vaccine it weakens your immune system so you can wait for that

  6. The “summer surge” . Oh oh, it was supposed to back off when it got hot. This winter is going to be awful.

    1. Just be glad your big cities don’t go down to -30 degrees or your homeless would be covid popsicles.

    1. Unfortunately all the doctors disagree with each other and at some point leaders need to determine which doctors to listen to and that is very difficult when dealing with a coronavirus no one has ever experienced before. Let’s not be too judgmental folks. Let’s Get the facts straight.

    2. I couldn’t believe it today DeSATAN was wearing a mask! why we’re flattening the curve. He’s such an idiot

    1. True. In Florida, they found out it was an error report which is very high in fact only a few. Read Breitbart news about covid and read comments. People not tested but came in their emails positive. Manipulated

  7. Republicans pander to big business. The owners of big business do not go out in the pandemic, the wage slaves do. Wake up America.

    1. So you think people wanting to work, so they can feed, cloth and provide a roof over their heads are slave wagers? This is what’s wrong with the liberals.

    2. @Linda Stone With the salaries and conditions your corporations offer you indeed most Americans are consdidered slaves by western world’s standards. The probem with American conservatives is they are willing to devalue themselves just to survive as if we’re still living in 1623.

    3. Remember, no companies, no businesses, NO JOBS. Oh I forgot, dumbo jo Biden will save the day with his left wing policies and the bunch of radical left parasites ready to suck his blood.

    4. @Linda Stone what the hell does rhat have to do with wearing a mask? No shirt, no shoes, no service. Seat belt laws… these infringe on my “personal” rights more than wearing a mask.

    1. Why do you hate Trump ? is it because the media have been against him from day one
      Do you not fact check anything they say,
      Looking at America today ,its the blue states with the most anti American population.

    2. @fran bran I mean I guess you’re just going to ignore the fact that Coronavirus is real just like our president is doing now right? An even better question is why do YOU like Trump? Do YOU not fat check anything he says? From the very beginning of this pandemic to this very day, Trump has repeatedly downplayed the risks of Coronavirus. Look at how great America has become now. We have the highest amount of cases compared to every country in the world and over 130,0000 Americans have died. The most anti-American populations in this country are the ones who choose not to wear a simple piece of cloth over their face because they’re too selfish to think about anyone else but themselves. Here are your facts.

    3. Well, whats good for Trump IS what’s good for his cult… give him a billion dollars they will all feel rich.

    4. @fran bran I think you didn’t fact check yourself. Not everything is about politics like what Trump said. We should believe in Science more than him!! The safety of people should always come first. Imagine you losing your loved ones to covid.

  8. People: *dying of COVID-19
    Media: *reporting the situation
    Trump: They just want to hurt my reelection chance!

    1. It’s all about him….Being re-elected, not about the rising Case’s or Death of the people he Represent. SAD.

    2. @Papa Noggin Well, I didn’t exclusively said CNN. I don’t really care for opinions, just focus on the hard facts.

  9. How could Adm Giroir say “we Are turning the Coroner on Outbrreaks’ when the number continue to go up!! And we are in a Better Place? What World is he living in…..These people will say just about anything & hope the Stupid & Ignorant will believe it. Think for yourselves…

    1. You think oh no search facts not fake news. Covid are manipulated. Read Breitbart news and comments. People never get tested but they received emails they were positive. Official health reporters said it was an error. What a shame

  10. “One day, it will just magically disappear and go away.”
    So far it’s making people go away and disappear forever.

    1. You left out that 93% of those who’ve passed had something else besides coronavirus listed as cause of death. You also missed that far less than 1% of the people who have it pass away.

    2. @Magnolia Trees in the Meadow well that 1% is false.. globally the virus kills 7% from all people who got infected..

      In USA its 8%..

      I bet we have lower than 7% globally if we exclude USA from the rest of the world.

    3. Shukran Zaini False. Not only are you wrong, you’re flat out lying. You haven’t seen that number anywhere.


      Experts have estimated that the mortality rate is 0.5-1%, based on many tests.

      Additionally, as I stated before, 93% of the cases where people die, there are other underlying causes of death. So Covid was an aggravating factor, rather than the main cause. Stop lying and do some actual research.

      Read this, clown: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-01738-2

    1. @Bk6346 a president who won’t wear a mask? You and he are the problem. All do as I say not as I do

    2. @Mats K are you dumb or maybe disabled? Just asking don’t wanna make fun of a disabled person thats just not right

    3. @Mainer 57 well I mean someone who supports abortion doesn’t care about lives so we don’t wanna hear about your worries

    4. @John Brown – that’s not a ‘Press Conference’
      it’s a full blown Campaign Rally’ rant
      repeating himself, lying, trotting out his jukebox jeremiad
      the usual Dead cats and fear mongering…
      Pathetic display – no solutions offered.

  11. The air is trying to hurt his chance of re-election. So is the sun, the rain, the trees and the squirrels, and most of all the spry tan on his face. We’re all trying to hurt you, sharpie monster. So what?


  12. the nerve of this criminal! dear donnie, it’s you, and only you, who is hurting your re-election plans.

    1. If Trump had captained the Titanic
      1 There is no iceberg.
      2 We won’t hit an iceberg.
      3 I knew it was an iceberg before anyone else knew it.
      4. The penguins brought the iceberg here.
      5 No one could have predicted the iceberg.
      6 We cannot allow iceberg to stop our ship.
      7 The crew is spreading the fake news.
      8 Some of you may have to drown.
      9 I am the best captain, ask anyone.

  13. “Looks like by April, you know, in theory, when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away.”

    Good thing eh?

    Keep making America Great Trump!

    1. He is doing great. Covid are manipulated. Read Breitbart news. We all know cnn and bbc are anti government since day one.

  14. Only in this administration would Dr Fauci’s being “too candid” be considered a fatal liability….

    1. Jason Koster How are they Trump deaths? He closed our borders when Fauci said not to. 42% of US deaths are in NY & NJ, democrat run. Cuomo is the biggest corona killer in the country with his asinine policy of putting elderly corona patients into old folks homes, their deaths sky rocketed. Keep drinking the kool aid simpleton.

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