70 people charged, 61 cars seized in GTA-wide crackdown on organized stunt driving 1

70 people charged, 61 cars seized in GTA-wide crackdown on organized stunt driving


Seventy people are facing charges and more than 60 vehicles are now chained in impound lots around the GTA after a springtime crackdown against organized stunt driving by multiple police services.

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  1. well, if the authorities have allowed it to get as out of hand as seen and described in the vid then they will never restore order.

    1. Being the most over paid cops in the world. They act like Mall Cops sitting back and taking notes for the real cops to arrive. Well you are the real cops.

  2. Lol I’m 27 yrs old don’t have drivers license, all I do is play games and ride bike to work

  3. Blame the gouvernement. They close every legal track that was available to do it safe out the street.

    1. You sound like the government is obligated to provide racetracks for these asshats. Guess what ? Cars are a means of transportation not toys

    2. If they can travel all over south ontario they can go to Mosport, Toronto motorsports park, Shannonville speedway or the countless other tracks. Ever think they’re closing because they aren’t being used enough?. Always gotta blame the bog bad government huh?. Pathetic.

  4. Imagine we have some of the highest living expenses in the world, only to be subjected to this ….

  5. When I was young many many years ago a cop said to me “Why don’t you take it to the track?” I did. So much fun. I ended up racing at NHRA/IHRA tracks for 20 years. Ambulance and safety equipment standing by is a bonus too.
    It is an awesome wholesome family thing. Check it out.

    No arguments about who won at the track.
    Bring it hotshot!

    We need more tracks and places to have motor vehicle fun legally.

  6. This makes me smile I’m so glad this happened….now the courts need to back it up and show these little sh**s real life, humble them with community service after jail..
    adjust some attitudes..

    1. All you gotta do is notify their insurance companies of the charges. Probably in mommy’s name
      No more grilled cheese sandwiches for you

  7. I Love all these “holier than thou” key board commandos talk like they were never young once. Lock the country down, close down all options and outlets for expression and events like this will thrive… You’ll reap what you sow Onterrible!!

  8. We Canadians congratulate the Police for arresting all these IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOUR. WE THINK THAT THE PENALTY SHOULD BE MORE THAN 7 or 10 days, should be taken the license for at least 6 months. This is a starting point, and we appreciate it.

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