75 Yr Old Woman Slain in St. Catherine Jamaica | TVJ News 1

75 Yr Old Woman Slain in St. Catherine Jamaica | TVJ News


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  1. It Goes Without Saying Heng Them There’s So ManyThe Minute The Elderly & The Children Start Getting Hurt In This Manner DEATH PENALTY

    1. So so sorry for you loss, losing a parent is the worst ever. Hold on to the love, the memories and you will get through this moment. Praying for you and your family.

  2. I wonder how will these killers going to answer to there call of justice from God…??? Be prepared it’s going to be sour on y’all sides..

    1. Did they teach us no matter how ur sins big. Just confess that jesus is Lord and ur sins shall be forgiven. This God weh di slave master give us. He is worst than the criminal. Unnuh confused. Unnuh seh Unnuh wah capital punishment fi come bk yet still unn wah God fi deal wid di criminal. Anytime God deal wid criminal is forgive him forgive dem. Unnuh God head people is a stupid madda f….r.

    2. That’s the problem with Jamaica.. relying on God.. we have more churches per square mile than any other country yet crime thru the roof.. God can not help. We have to help ourselves

  3. Pure evil but God will deal with them. Maybe they can get away from the law but certainly won’t get away from God. I pray for these families who has been losing their loved ones to these demons

    1. Only kill onuh can kill johncrow nothing nuh betta dan dat in a onuh head.. onuh a gawn like a onuh a give life to human laud mi tired to hear thes things to bomboclath.

    2. @Sharon Mcdowell I can’t kill a fly when unnuh hear the truth unnuh get hangry. I lives in England for 21 yrs now and runs a loan business. i am business man. I am only telling u that God cant stop nothing if he he could he would. God is the one causing the killing.

    3. @R s yuh must of like your head. God don’t do nothing. Blame satan who a run rampant destroying the lives of many. Yuh think God is some kind of genie. God doesn’t answer prayer like that sin is running rampant. Many have turned away and took God out of everything so what you expect.
      If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. Their is no forgiveness without repentance remember that. And God sees the heart of many including many Christians who say that are Christians. That a do wickedness as well. True you walk with a bible doesn’t make you Christian. Anyone can say that they are Chirstian. You must have a relationship and build a relationship with the Father and obey every word spoken by God.

    4. @R s you try tan a england a so the whole a unu foreigner chat and think, we no want uno curse, bout god a kill man smh… god gave man, woman, animal, insect ect.. everything on this earth free will to do what they please. he never limited us so who want to do evil do evil and who want to do good do good but when the time comes unu ago surprise. the bible told uss about these days it wasn’t a coincidence. so keep thinking how you think don’t come spread your ungodly thoughts through jamaica media comments

  4. What can this old woman had done to get this, she never deserve this. SIP, this world is getting cruel by the minute

  5. Sorry to hear what happened to this lady my condolences to her family and to what the member of parliament said about this capital punishment remember innocent people get convicted for crime also and do you think this punishment apply to Parliament members because i do

    1. @Arlene Wilson no a crime vaccine ..vaccine is ment to be a protection against a virus CRIME IS THE VIRUS , HENCE WE NEED A VACCINE ASAP.


    3. @876 Plug ok hun , hope we all get what is good for this country to strive again and it’s people can at least feel some semblance of comfort and pride..we can smile again, party can keep freely , round Robin, friends a link up and av a great time ..instead of stress and fear..blessings

  6. If you want to traumatize depression watch TVJ news Never any substance of positivity it’s always about killing murder rape crime it very clear to Jamaica yard and abroad we the inhabitant if we follow TVJ news headlines not even mosquito visit or live in Jamaica take this news details for example on oxygen just listen what the broadcaster said it a damn shame and national disgrace

  7. Brutal heinous and unimaginable killings are happening all over Jamaica daily. To the family praying that God will bring you comfort and strength in your time of grief.

  8. No matter how much crime is committed or how heinous they become, the leaders’ major focus is on Covid

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