8-Month Sentence For Capitol Insurrectionist ‘Sends Wrong Message’ Says Legal Expert 1

8-Month Sentence For Capitol Insurrectionist ‘Sends Wrong Message’ Says Legal Expert

The first Capitol insurrectionist to be sentenced receiving 8 months ‘sends the wrong message,’ MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner says. NBC4 Washington Investigative Reporter Scott MacFarlane also joins Joy Reid to discuss.
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  1. Those who make the decision on these white insurrectionist better think more then twice …about if this is enough, because it is not…

    1. @The Truth Hurts You! the trolls are out … no comment worth responding to as the loony get loonier…

    2. @AriSiMom Looks like ‘The Truth Hurts You!’ couldn’t handle the truth because the comment has been deleted.

    1. @Dani Syx
      Interesting, the “red hats” brown shirts, and black shirts what an equivalency!

      It is a failure whether by conspiracy or the facade of greatness for the USA not to remove the oozing cancer of right wing extremism. It is ABSOLUTELY good for no one including whites!

    2. @T. Mont The entire Jan. 6 debacle was carefully staged theatre.

      T******* and the 21+ extreme-right loyalists he installed in the Pentagon WELL AFTER he lost the election, planned and organized the entire thing, let’s call it *Operation Capitol Crime* (OCC). Chief among the planners was Christopher Miller, the guy T******* made SecOfDef, again, AFTER the election was over. Everyone, read Miller’s wiki to see what he was up to in the days leading to OCC, as well as on the day.

      Other key players: the Flynn brothers, one of which ensured that the National Guard would not show up until much too late.

      Many ‘boots on the ground’ were hired to make sure things didn’t get fully out of control, chaperones of the hapless mob, if you will. Casualties and injuries were inevitable, but still taken into account during planning.

      The ‘gallows’ was a joke, to be sure, and was only for show (it would have broken if they hung a bag of Donny’s McDonald’s from it). Pence knew, along with many others in the building, that they were never in any danger, which is why Pence and T******* are still buddies.

      Did anyone notice that a couple/few of the members of congress wrote, and read aloud poignant, multi-page speeches after they resumed their session later that day? This while they were supposedly hunkered down in fear.

      Everyone: ask yourselves what the so-called ‘insurrectionists’ were going to do in the Capitol once they interrupted the vote certification. Hold the building indefinitely with flag poles, bats and maybe staplers they stole from offices? Seriously? Nope, the whole show was designed to last only a couple/few hours, then everyone was basically sent home by T******* to be arrested later.

      The nation got punked that day, and both sides of the media are working in tandem to deliver their assigned message, furthering their ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. And they are fully backed by armies of online trolls, such as Dan S…Dan S is working for the bad cops in this good cop/bad cop scenario. He/she knows what’s going on, dontcha Danny?

      Don’t expect ‘justice’ any time soon, as the country is likely to devolve into civil war, with the bloodshed allowing the perps to sweep the whole thing under the rug forever.

    3. @Dani Syx lol so you okay with one side of terrorism from blm and antifa and say oh they were just stealing shoes. Your side is truly pathetic and have done more harm to minorities by allowing it to happen in those cities

  2. If I thought “If I wanted to ruin the rest of my life, what kind of crime would get me put away in prison forever?” I might land on “break into the capitol and scream for the vice president’s head”. Turns out it’s not that bad though. Silly me.

    1. Or maybe the reality is that calling it an insurrection and an act of sedition is extreme and the truth is that it was a riot at the capitol.

    2. It’s also possible that they are letting them off with lighter sentences in hopes they can be released and do it again.
      We already know the fbi had infiltrated many of these right wing militia groups and they seemingly let January 6th happen.

    3. @Mastodon1976 There is proof this is true! Where’s the proof you have that it’s false? Are you saying that simply because media tells you it’s false?

  3. I bet you if it would’ve been a black man or a minority man he would’ve gotten 18 years or more, this is nothing more but white privilege.

    1. @truth hurts Cosby we were lucky he was sent to prison at all. Allowing the other victims to testify was a real procedural problem. As was Trumps 2nd impeachment Atty’s mistake to promise Cosby no prison time.

  4. It sends the message that in 9 months he will be supporting another takeover attempt when Trump tries to run for office again. Can we find who this judge is, and if he/she was appointed by the GOP?

  5. The prosecutors said that it’s domestic unrest. This is an atrocity and a shameful attempt to condone with the violence against the Capital building. The judge may have been in favor with the insurrection, who knows???

  6. “WhItE pRiViLeGe DoEsN’t ExIsT.”

    Yeah, okay. If this guy was a dark-skinned BLM protestor who invaded the capitol you’d never see or hear from him again.

  7. He’d have got more time if he was arrested for weed. Absolute shame. This is not how our “fore fathers” would handle treason.

  8. There was another factor in defense of this insurrectionist explaining his low sentence compared to the man on parole who faces decades of prison for just trying to vote. Just look at them.

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