1. The GOP lives in an alternate reality. It will take prison sentences and public humiliation for them to wake up and realize they were wrong in choosing Trump as their Jesus.

    1. @blqest If Trump doesn’t want to be talked about, he shouldn’t be lying about losing the election or inciting insurrections. He’s the one who couldn’t let it go, now the Democrats have a duty to deliver justice and stop the neo-Nazi terror-ists.

    2. Odd how the internet made so many conspiracy types believe they’re suddenly on a level playing field with anyone and everyone regarding intellect, insight, education and ethics. The scale and scope of this mass phenomenon should have social sciences scrambling to find a way to mitigate it’s effects. It’s a nation’s cancer.

    3. @Alli P , who said trump doesnt want to be talked about? how old are you? how can someone be so easily scammed by what the television says? inciting insurrections? are you serious? do you seriously think, that america, the richest most powerful nation to ever exist on planet earth, who spends hundreds of billions on military, technology, security, couldnt stop some trump voters from coming into the capitol?

      alli, how many investigations did the democrats start that went absolutely nowhere? duty to deliver justice? SMH…. the people responsible for this are the DEMOCRATS!!!!

      how many times does the media have to lie to you before you get a clue?????

    4. 9-11 and Epiphany as man made disasters. The Republican are heavy tied to the events. Anyone not seeing the biblical reference in a very negative Satanic way is a blind bat.
      666 Fifth Avenue. Only reason Jesus would acquire that building is to burn it to the ground.
      Says everything about him you need to know.

    5. @Storm of Darkness I think you’ve told folks here everything about you _they_ need to know too.

  2. Take your time.
    Full Investigation.
    Complete Transparency.
    No Secrets.
    All the way to the top.

    1. @J M M , you should listen to your own advice. better yet, tell that to op and to msnbc who thinks the january 6 false flag attack is more difficult to investigate than a terrorist attack that killed thousands of people and initiated global wars all over the middle east. talk about posting garbage. while you’re at it, go see what happened in the middle east while obama was president and compare that to how the middle east was when trump was president. talk about garbage.

  3. Fighting being deposed won’t work now Andrea, DOJ changed and can’t hide behind the office 😷

  4. An Act Of War
    To Over Throw Constitutional Law,
    Even With ROE Limited To Primitive Weapons,
    Is Still An Act Of War, And Thereby An Act Of Treason.

    1. @Mark Tito Yes some police were intimidated and played along. I don’t think I could have told a couple of hundred people to F off either. Have you ever been surrounded before? I would do anything even started breakdancing if I thought the distraction would buy me time.

    2. @John Thomasson: And it won’t happen in the future either. I have a betting account through betus if you want to wager on it.

    3. @maria schultz You gotta remember we’re dealing with a bunch of brainwashed people who don’t know they are nothing but grease for the gears.

  5. I wish people who are against Democracy, could go live in N.Korea or Russia for a month to see what they’re fighting for……

    1. The U.S. Constitution doesn’t mention “democracy” a single time. It describes us as “a republican form of government” and establishes the lawfully agreed upon democratic processes by which our government shall operate. We are not an absolute democracy. We are a democratic republic.

    1. They are absolutely 100% a cult of personality and their cult leader is a malignantly narcissistic sociopath.

    1. @maria schultz confederate flag waving is a racial slur snowflake. then there’s the FACT of white supremacists involved AND the slurs WERE caught on tape. keep trying to deny reality traitor.

    2. @maria schultz Plenty of racial slurs were caught on tape. Then, WTF do you think the confederate flag stands for??

    3. @Joe Dead , Provide the tape of racial slurs. Its a lie that you poor Hypocrats love to keep talking about. Problem is: The supply of racists cant keep up with your demand!

    4. @maria schultz Congrats..you’re too far gone!
      Proofs must be provided by the ones(like yourself & agent orange) crying foul snowflake…!!🤯🤣😳🧐

    5. @maria schultz they can provide all the tapes you want but if don’t want to listen … are you deaf?

    1. Actually, divorce rates are higher for democrats. And democrats are more likely to do drugs. Looks like you’re wrong all the way around.

    2. @maria schultz yeah but a load of peadophiles in the GOP, how many is that now? I’ve lost count

    3. @maria schultz only one of those but I asked how many GOP members, let’s make it easy, we will just work on those who had complaints made against them in the last few years, we’ll start with trump who has complaints filed against him for raping and beating a 13 year old girl and assaulting at least 25 other women, even bragged about some of it, to the most recent… Matt Gaetz, how many do you think have serious verifiable complaints against them in the last 5 years?

  6. We appreciate you here in Hawaii. Sorry for the white Supremicists. You’re welcome here mahalo.

  7. Since the majority of republicans seek to deny reality and the truth this commission is bipartisan enough. f them if they won’t stand up for the truth. Sinking down to their level will only waste time and delude the historical record of reality of what took place. Jamie Gorelick hit it exactly right.

  8. A recently-fired incompetent, tried to force himself on America.
    Against America’s will.
    He is not in prison.

  9. Can’t wait until the anchors of FOX need help from cops, fire rescue and others
    I am sure they will “hurry ” to help them

  10. Ridiculous to have a Bi-Partisan Investigation, when the Insurrectionists are one of the two Parties

  11. This man doesn’t even know what he’s talking about, the two Republicans make it bipartisan. Republicans were offered a chance they blew it. Deal with it.

  12. If a person outside your house encourages criminals to march up to your door and they break in and attack you and destroy your property and steal from you– that person would be arrested and sent to prison for aiding and abetting the crimes.

  13. America deserves to know who organised, coordinated and funded the attack on America’s Democracy that caused the death of Americans.

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