1. Didn’t you listen? They said he’s ‘tall and slender’. That should narrow it right down. I’d imagine this guy will be caught within hours now with a detailed description like that.

  1. A society needs to take care of its elderly. This is no way to treat your seniors no matter how much annoying they are on the road. Assaulter is forgetting that the old age will dawn upon him too. Hope he gets caught and one day he reaps what he sowed today.

    1. @Travis Brockton You should really stop playing with that home lobotomy kit moron. I’m willing to bet he was a right wing cuntservitard through and through.

  2. Old or not, no one should endure this. The person who did this should be jailed and stripped of his license – make it hurt.

  3. Who was it tell the name, I will take
    his eyes out, next time he not gonna beat anyone.
    It is shame that is happening in Canada.
    No respect for elders. It is shame.
    It shouldn’t happen to anyone.

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