1. @Esmé Have you done any research? Do you even know that Pfizer has the record for highest settlement in court for health care? Lol do you just pretend to be smart on the internet?

    1. I think she will be one of the first. When you get to be her age you really have nothing to lose but more life 🙂

  1. “It’s free” …?
    Is Pfizer donating their toxic cocktail or does she simply not understand how the tax system works?

    1. She says, “I say go for it, because it’s free!” Oh, really? I’ll happily punch you in the face with a cinder block for free, it won’t cost you a thing! Do you want that, too?

  2. Love it when it’s ”free” lol.
    Don’t worry zombie, nobody is making a fortune with this… Stop with your conspiracies.
    Now let her enjoy the best many years ahead of her life.

    1. What a mind job. Psychological warfare. Very painful who are aware it’s happening. Not so much the millions of blue pills

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