911 Dispatcher Recalls Feeling Something Was Wrong Watching George Floyd Detained By Police | MSNBC 1

911 Dispatcher Recalls Feeling Something Was Wrong Watching George Floyd Detained By Police | MSNBC


911 dispatcher Jena Lee Scurry discusses the moment she thought live video footage of the scene had frozen while George Floyd was being detained by police for so long. Scurry also acknowledged while calling Chauvin’s supervising sergeant to voice her concerns, an act that was “beyond her normal duties,” called herself a “snitch.” Aired on 03/29/2021.
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911 Dispatcher Recalls Feeling Something Was Wrong Watching George Floyd Detained By Police | MSNBC


  1. Thank God for people like her. Although hesitant, she did make a call to the Sgt.
    Just this alone can make or break this case.
    I pray she is not ostracized for her actions.

    1. Thank god for people like Megan Rapinoe! I’m a female and want to be paid the same as every male chef!! ….

    2. you have the opportunity to hope that your air conversation will be accepted or finally to raise your voice yourself.

  2. well…someone clearly not being able to breath for that long certainly would give the impression of something being wrong indeed…..

    1. The importance of testimony is that it provides additional perspective. She found it odd that they hadn’t moves for such a long time, which indicates that under ordinary circumstances or “procedure,” he would have been moved and prepared for transport to the station.
      This was a public lynching. I had never heard the audio while watching the video until this morning. The officer’s ego was all over his intended suffocation, trying to prove that they were “In Charge” to bystanders. The killer looked the most open bystander in his eyes while he killed him.
      Furthermore, as a former bank teller, I know from experience that if I were to accept a counterfeit bill from a customer and I let them go, without verifying it or without a witness, then I have to take that loss. They had no business approaching him after he left the store because between the time he left and when they approached him, they could have lied or been unsure of who produced the bill initially. At the most, they should have taken the loss “FOR A PACK OF CIGARETTES,” and told him not to come back to the store again. But this is how they treat us.

  3. 911 Dispatcher Shouldn’t Feel Like She’s A Snitch, She Did The Right Thing By Calling Police Sergeant, Letting Him Are Her Know What She is See .

    1. The fact that she used the word snitch at all, is very revealing about how the blue wall of silence is REALLY a thing.

  4. WHAT THEIR DEFENSE? we all saw it then and now. he died right there while we watch.

    1. @Laura Walker no you dont get it he went uncontrollably because of the drugs and died because od the drugs not because of the knee he was also saying he cant breath as yo try yo not be arrested he wasing it as soon as they walked up to him

    2. Yeah, the fentanyl shut his lungs down and he died from an overdose while struggling against the cops. The science is clear. It is what fentanyl does. It wasn’t the police’s fault.

    3. @Belagor e We all watched a 9 minute 20 second video of a man handcuffed, face down in the street, while a cop choked him to death with his knee, and while numerous eyewitnesses screamed that the man was being killed. Please tell us all how that was taken out of context.

  5. Thank God that the dispatcher was a person of color, watching 3 cops murdering a human being.
    She called the cops on the murderous cops.

    1. @Anonymous Anonymous
      Nobody cares what he died of. The policeman messed up as he was taught. The thing has become too big and now a head has to roll so that the people are calm. I don’t defend the policeman for me it’s just a result of cause and effect in a country like the usa.

    2. @Randy Couch True, look at SCUM that call themselves good police officers
      That’s just what those 3 killer cops are.

    3. @Anonymous Anonymousyes you are right you can’t learn from history and the others keep playing their dirty games which inevitably leads to you dying in the end.normally a world war would have long been declared in the usa and russia.but hey it’s all With the old, the law of the one with the most influence and the military applies. Let us now continue to leave the earth with national flags and still play stupid. i told you a secret if a war come in the end no one will win again, the war only knows one winner and that is the enrichment of a few who benefit from the war.these people have no nation, religion or skin color they only have tools.

    4. @Anonymous Anonymous Sorry buddy you need to put down the operations game it really isn’t a great way to learn chemistry, anatomy, or any of the other sciences.

  6. No way this guy walks. It’s on film him murdering Floyd. They let him go and most major cities will burn because of protests. He has got to pay for what he did.

  7. This dispatcher knew their was something differently wrong, so she knew that those 3 officers had murdered George Floyd.

  8. We (the public) need to express appreciation and admiration of the 911 dispatcher going beyond her duties in the attempt to stop or prevent a terrible outcome in a situation that is devolving quickly. Her hesitation prob stems from past discouragement by the city/police as it’s not her bisiness. That is totally an ignorant and ill-informed view by many managers and supervisors. It actually does the opposite by exposing the city to the very outcome & liability that occurred and should have been avoided in the first place.

    1. @Anonymous Anonymous yes, effectively. She was on the phone and watching live on camera. She’s an example of person working in the police dept who was effectively on the scene with the unique perspective of a disptacher. The prosecutors would be remiss not to call her on the stand esp. since she called his sergeant AT THE TIME of his kneeling to raise concerns about his conduct. They’re building the entire picture and they’ll have other witnesses who were “on the ground”. I know your trying to make a literal point of where she was and won’t respond the the obvious logic I stated, so just stop. Your point is moot

    2. @Anonymous Anonymous Also, I just had to tell some guy trying to make your idiotic point that she was not in the da** street at the time. According to the DOJ, A witness is a person who saw or heard the crime take place or may have important information about the crime or the defendant. She heard and saw the act….she’s a material witness smart guy

    1. @Master Ozin III yes that is how you keep an airway clear in that situation. He followed the book to a t.

    2. @kanuk the hunter Okay, definitely don’t want you giving me CPR then.

      I mean, what you’re actually supposed to do is kneel down NEXT to the person then place your hand under their neck and on their forehead, then lift their neck. George Floyd was on his chest (which is NOT a good position for opening the airways) and the officer placed his knee on his neck, which very much blocks the airways. If you really think that’s proper, you can ask your local doctor, or pediatrician, or officer (they are trained in CPR), or just google it and see what comes up. I guarantee you, this is not proper.

    3. @PC Principal Okay, we’ll see what is said when they call the medical examiner as an expert witness. If you truly think he’s innocent, the science should agree with you. Still doesn’t explain why the officer didn’t try to clear his airways (especially after he went unconscious).

    4. Agree very much with you Susan. To see Floyd’s life snuffed out like that; and for almost 10 minutes, after Floyd cried out Chauvin needs to learn that he can’t play judge and God.

  9. There better be a conviction on this animal officer or my guess that last years riots will look like a picnic compare to what’s coming.

    1. @R L T why should you do that that would only serve to legitimize the countermeasures. every system was destroyed either from the outside or from the inside. that has always been the case and will never change.

    2. Herbert….as long as it’s a ”progressive” city….go ahead……..destroy the place.
      The rest of the country will sit back and watch.

    3. @Juan Bih Well the Feds werent no where to be found on the Capitol insurrectionist. All kinds of crap came over the internet. Everyone of the Trump Bonespures knew it. Yet no one said a thing Or said it . Alot of White privilege going on there . now because Justice is on the behind of that white boy all of a sudden the FBI is watching . No one cares at this point. We know for sure what is going on.Its true if that Trash gets away with murder The Capital will look like a picnic.. I bet you every cop on the planet and national guard will be out and ready. All because it’s a black person receiving justice. What were not supposed to have justice? Just taxation without representation. ENOUGH

    4. BS. He died of a fentanyl overdose. The autopsy was clear and so was the full video. Stop being brainwashed by this lying media garbage.

    5. Burn loot murder, all you need is an excuse to let your primal instincts out. Can’t control yourselves at all.

  10. I mean what is this “trial” about? The world watched Floyd getting murdered, beg for his mom and air while bystanders begged Chauvin to remove his knee from his neck in vain so what is there to question here? Lock him up!!

    1. Agree with you very much. They must be holding this trial because of our laws which say that all indicted US citizens are entitled to a trial by jury. But yes, you’re right; there’s little doubt that Chauvin is guilty.

    2. Because the times they are a changing. Many obvious murders take place by police on black and other minority people, but mostly the police don’t face this much public scrutiny.

  11. The far right say he died of covid, or he died of drugs. The fact is he would not have died that day if that pig didn’t knell on his neck for 8 mins until he went unconscious. He’s responsible for George’s death. You don’t knell on someone’s neck minute after minute while they scream they can’t breathe and beg for their live.

    1. Nope. Fentanyl shuts down lung function. Try doing some research and getting the facts straight. The knee did nothing as the autopsy showed. He couldn’t breathe because of the drugs. Stop blaming other people for Floyd’s bad decisions. Stop listening to this propaganda garbage and get the facts straight. I work in healthcare. The overdose was obvious to intelligent people that watched the whole video interaction.

  12. we all witnessed murder, come on, people begging and pleading because a man was dying and his killer laughed them off

    1. Sorry, not a murder. An overdose. Fentanyl overdose shots down the lungs. You should stop listening to the media lies.

  13. Anyone claiming that Floyd died because he used drugs and therefore excusing the murder should have no issue with drivers running over any white pedestrian who takes drugs. Marijuana, Ecstacy, Xanax, Vicodin, Ritalin, Meth, Cocaine, Fentanyl, Heroine are all qualifiers.

  14. Former Officer Chauvin’ obviously killed Floyd. He had no reason to keep his knee on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine and one-half minutes! Chauvin knew CPR (he had to know it as an officer) therefore he had to know that he was endangering Floyd’s life. Unless Chauvin was tipsy/drunk or on drugs during those nine and one-half minutes.

  15. This witness appears to be somewhat scared and nervous a little bit, but overall she still gave a good testimony of the events in which she observed.

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