A.B Stoddard: Wray’s Testimony Is ‘Not Going To Change Much’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

A.B Stoddard: Wray’s Testimony Is ‘Not Going To Change Much’ | Deadline | MSNBC


Real Clear Politics associate editor and columnist A.B. Stoddard argues that even with Wray’s testimony calling out white supremacy, the Republican party will still refuse to blame Trump for the insurrection and support domestic extremists in its base. Aired on 03/02/2021.
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A.B Stoddard: Wray’s Testimony Is ‘Not Going To Change Much’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @psycobleach46 tullis Anti-fascists.

      Red Sky is saying that the OP, who declares people against him as anti-fascist, has to view himself as fascist. Since he sees being anti-fascist as a bad thing.

    2. @Drake Fire no one is afraid of Antifa, I love seeing the cops pinning them into the ground balling their eyes out in handcuffs

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis anti- fascists… it was a movement back in the late 30’s started by the Italian underground against Mussolini and the Fascist extremist far right that had taken over their country .. Do you want me to give you the whole history lesson? Did you know that Hitler actually modeled himself after Mussolini and his fascists that it encouraged him to take over Germany only to have Italy as the first axis power to fold. They took the body of Mussolini and hung him upside down in the square to have him spat upon by the locals.

    4. @Biden Sucks The cops aren’t doing that to Antifa.

      You, on the other hand?

      They are coming for you.

    5. @Biden Sucks …oh! I thought those were the traitors that attacked our Capitol that were squealing on each other on the way to jail!

  1. Well, duh. Changing the minds of the republican white supremacy party that white supremacy is a problem is like going to the Catholic church and telling them abusing kids is a problem.

  2. Trump himself said that it was a “Love Fest” that just goes to show he could care less about who got hurt, killed, or even those who are going to go to jail, what a Pathetic Orange Alien

  3. Until they start arresting those senators who are involved it won’t change a thing! Hopefully once Merrick Garland is sworn we’ll start seeing some well-needed arrests!

  4. The focus shouldn’t be on Trump and white supremacists when it comes to opining about whether or not ‘Wray’s testimony is going to change much.’ Neither of them are the victims of their violence and hate so they aren’t the focus. The REAL focus is the victim’s of white supremacy and how Wray’s testimony will bring about fair and equal justice for them! Hmm?

  5. I thought the weirdest thing was when Senator Kennedy grilled Wray about the use of the National Guard in DC and at the Capitol when the FBI has zero roll in the use of the National Guard ever. Senator Kennedy is not stupid no matter how often he pretends to be. Perhaps, if I watched Fox, his questions might have seemed to serve some purpose,

  6. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven.

    Like so more people can see this.

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