‘A bare knuckle brawl’: Political strategists weigh in on the Conservative Party’s leadership race

'A bare knuckle brawl': Political strategists weigh in on the Conservative Party's leadership race 1


    1. Please. Canada is polite. Canada is nice. Canada is orderly.

      The Conservative party election is a tantamount American style election.

      And sorry. I don’t like Canada to have American style elections.

    2. @john pijano yeah it’s much better to have the tin pot dictator Trudeau. Lol. Canada is doing so well under Trudeau. Record inflation across the board. Record debt, and a divided Canada. He is he laughing stock of the world and has to get snuck in the back door to avoid protesters yelling f Trudeau in England. I honestly don’t understand how anyone with a moral compass could support the liberals or the NDP.

  1. The problem with the CPC is not who is leading it but who is following it. The tent is too big. Ne’er the twain shall meet. Just ask Jason Kenney in AB. Hard right/moderate right need different parties. A PROGRESSIVE Conservative party for the moderates and the rest can join Mad Max and PPC.

    1. Wow nice catchphrases. But really you just have a lot of criticisms and nothing at all to contribute.

  2. Poilievre learned dirty fighting, smearing and hitting below the belt from Harper. It’s all he knows.

    1. No-one can compete with Trudeau when it comes to being nasty. Pierre is just forthright!
      Clearly from this piece Liberals are scared of Pierre P. See it for what it is!!

  3. Pierre is the last hope not only for the Conservative party but the country as well. Jean is a joke.

  4. Pierre Poilievre is the only person suited to be leader of The Conservative Party and our next Prime Minister of Canada

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