'A Big Bipartisan Deal': Why GOP Compromised With Biden But Not Obama 1

‘A Big Bipartisan Deal’: Why GOP Compromised With Biden But Not Obama


Chris Hayes takes a look at why the Republican base isn’t exactly riled up over Joe Biden and his big spending bills. 
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  1. “Those Who Can Make You Believe Absurdities, Can Make You Commit Atrocities” – Voltaire

    1. @foodhatesme this person is saying he will be happy to be charged for same crimes as the people committed on the 6th, thank you for your patriotism, hope you are having too much trouble with small enclosed spaces.

    2. @Tina Davis All caps lol, the ignorant talk loud in an effort to overcome their lack of knowledge and truth.

    3. @rex f I don’t think it was 0%. I think it was in the teens. The rest is completely true. Her current popularity was fabricated by the media.

  2. I like that quote: Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities, by Voltaire.

    1. I prefer ” Bad men do bad things. Good men do good things.
      So what could make good men do bad things?
      Answer: Religion.

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    4. @ARLENE WUK These shows on both sides of the political divide are opinion shows. Actual news programs are to report details about a subject or event and the viewer is supposed to take in the information and have a rational thought about it. Don’t let the talking heads of a tv channel tell you how to think

    1. @Nick G Didn’t he say “a ruthless WANNABE dictator”. The difference. He’s history where politics is concerned. Otherwise, interesting things to come.

    2. @Rat You’re not even addressing my other points of contingency such as paying the Colonial Pipeline hackers and making a weapon out of the IRS or the press secretary and his staff admitting and hiding him from the press, and yes the WH has asked for comments to be disabled, what about the kids in cages too?

    3. @Rat You’re so myopically moronic:
      “nu ugh no he’s not Trump lost.” Doesn’t make Biden any more of a better president.

    4. @Rat How is Biden not a loser? He couldn’t even pass any meaningful legislation, he gets strong-armed by his own constituents such as Manchin and others and even when he does he has to comply to the Republicans Biden is a failure as president less than 6 months in.

    5. @Dave Lowesky You must live in a different reality

      Or you’re just a liar.. yeah, imma go with just a liar!

  4. Prediction: when it’s time to actually vote on the bill, expect to see a solid wall of Republican “no” votes.
    Just saying..

    1. @Carlos Abram You still using that Russia conspiracy stupidity is all anyone needs to know about you. Prove you aren’t in China working for the CCP, right Chen. You dope!

    2. @* Tmiranda* Your facts, are based on the tax breaks Dump passed…in his budget….I also have a DEGREE in Business Management, and also two other DEGREE…TO LATE; I have two children and a Grandchild…That I am looking out for..President Biden, is doing a GREAT JOB…Dump looked out for himself only..His first year in Office was off President Obama Economy, His last year was a PANDEMIC….Dump only had two years THANK GOD, or he would have BANKRUPT USA….Like it or not, THAT IS THE TRUTH, AND FACTS….ask any person, that has an ECONOMICS DEGREE…This is based on the Finances of USA, not peoples 401K….

    3. @ARLENE WUK The Covid 19 Virus has not been investigated, YET..It will be…Posts mean nothing..The USA and World is full of OPINIONS..Facts is what I want to hear….

    1. @John Odom right, no, we need to rob the polity of revenue by giving your masters of the universe total breaks on contributing.
      at least you’re back with the hoary worn-out ideological tropes… sure, the trouble with our economy is regulation, we can allow our infrastructure to continue to collapase absolutely. You have the ability to breath clean air, to the extent one does enjoy it, clean water, a non-usurial (more or less) system of lending, all thanks to regulation.
      You’re affirming literally nothing, all absolutely a negation of values, a full and total reactionary position, defined only in opposition. less-than-zero to offer.

    2. @tigress and the u-fraidees Did you even read the comment I was responding to? It was nothing but hostile strawmen and baseless personal attacks, filled with awful spelling and grammar. So yeah: I’d say my response was about perfect.

    3. ​@tigress and the u-fraidees There’s a MASSIVE difference between maintaining roads and schools and all the other BASICS that society needs to function, and spending trillions of dollars maintaining endless wars, housing illegals, and paying for an endlessly growing number of special interest programs. Why don’t we just let people spend their money how they want; you know, like a free country would?
      There’s also a MASSIVE difference between laws that say “don’t dump gasoline into the ground water” and the over regulations that say things like “there’s a specific type of goldfinch that likes to nest here once every ten years, so therefore we can’t have any production within a 2,000 mile radius”.

      And in case you haven’t been paying attention (which you haven’t been), China makes the vast majority of everything we consume. Do you understand how crazy that is? We live in a massive, resource rich country, and we produce practically NOTHING. We have plenty of people who are unemployed or under employed, and we’re sending almost ALL of their potential jobs to other countries. You want to dramatically reduce poverty? Bring our jobs back. You want to bring our jobs back? Bring our industries back. You want to bring our industries back? Stop incentivizing them to run to other countries by over regulating and over taxing them.
      Our country would FLOURISH if you democrats would just STOP MICROMANAGING OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES AND BUSINESSES.

      But you don’t really care about Americans’ well being do you? You’d rather push for short-sighted, purely symbolic, and ultimately harmful causes like ensuring that a burger flipper makes as much money as a mechanic and blaming poverty on so-called right wing greed.

    1. I am thinking this is a tactic so that the DEMS int he house will drop their guard. They radical right has plans and there is something that they are waiting for before August

    2. @ruth depew No the issue is if Reps pass this bill the dems and biden will automatically increase the $$ bill with reconciliation to cover their progressive base. This is a nonstarter thou when one team says yeah we will parlay with you but after we parlay we will auto pass our benefits with it that does not require bi-partisanship

    1. Wait, what did you say?! You are only about 20 comments down and you say that! I am kind of offended that you wrote such a conclusion before someone else. How can you be so bold? Do you not have any political agenda or aspirations in the future for making such a statement that might have long term repercussions to you and your family? Oh my, this is so shocking.

    2. You bought into the lie because your thinking that someone is going to say something like that and that they are the racist, while they think you are the racist because of what you BOTH have been led to believe. Your not spouting anything original you are just another follower that cannot think outside the both. They have them on both sides.

  5. i dont like my tax dollars going towards politicians to sit around not working all day.

    1. @Fruitius Maximus Well getting a job bagging groceries was a big step up for you after 50 years herding shopping carts. Your mom must be proud of you and the $2.30 an hour you earn!

    2. @J N-A kinda hard to spend 50 years herding shopping carts if I’m only 46. And minimum wage in my state is $12/hr, so I don’t think a grocery store could get away with paying someone $2.30/hr.
      If you’re going to try to insult someone, don’t beclown your own self with such manifest ignorance.

    3. I’d love to see the U.S. people non-partisanly band together and take back the government…

    4. @Spencer PhilippineDream that’s pretty laughable, considering it’s YOUR guy who keeps asking the taxpayer for another trillion dollars every month.

    5. @J N-A you know, even if I DID work at a grocery store for low wage, I don’t see how that is something to insult.
      I’ve got to say, this vulgar elitism is a really bad look for the so-called Party of the People. Seems like ever since Obama, you guys just flat stopped pretending to care about the working class.

  6. Hey Chris. Just about every Black American knew what you were going to say before you said it. To us, it is obvious why the GOP compromised with Biden but not Obama. We even understand their intolerance for Hillary. They don’t want women in positions of authority over them, either, especially not strong-willed women.

  7. He used his white privilege powers. He’s the cream of the supreme. Obama doesn’t possess such powers. The only reason Obama got elected was because he had good old joe for his running mate. The most popular politician on the hill. Looking lost is the new outstanding.

  8. Their evil lies will come to an end. Evil never wins in the end. Lies don’t sustain forever. God help them all. I pray for no mercy like they’ve shown since the beginning. This is a job for Jesus!

  9. In order to never have it come to this again, let’s just move to one person/one vote and abolish the Electoral College. None of this recount garbage means that the person who gets the most votes wins!

  10. First time I’ve ever heard and American say “couldn’t care less’ properly! GJ Chris Hayes None of this “could care less” nonsense.

  11. Because they’re probably getting a lot of backlash from their donors. Not to mention it can really hurt them when it’s time to get reelected

  12. More accurately the GOP not only has lost the ability to know the difference between right and wrong they also lost any concern to do what’s right.

    1. What a laugh coming from the democrats who drop charges against hundreds of violent criminals across the country as violent crime and murder in democrat cities propagates.

    2. @Rudi Rüttger do you realize CNN and FOX NEWS do the same thing? Everyone is brainwashed into thinking either right or left Imagine the this road and there is a split right or left, but you can sort of see that either way is really badly eroded and they are both extremely dangerous. you choose right or left? There is another choice. Backtrack to where you made the wrong turn and fix it.For this country the wrong turn happened. at its inception.

    3. @Rudi Rüttger really you think the Democrats have anything to do with the Judicial system? You rage and information is distorted. You need more programming.

    4. The Republicans will not compromise on any of this. They are going to force Biden and Pelosi to own all of the latest disasters

  13. LOOK AT THE SKIN COLOR MAN, Obama was a man of color,this country is always treated people of color differently

  14. If you’re posture is that you will never agree with a Democrat literally no matter what they say or propose, you’re not a senator or a Republican (or indeed even a thinking human being) but a brick. You could literally be replaced with a simple sign that said “No.”

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