1. Improper removal of an IV from an unauthorized profession add denying proper medical care….make your lawsuit, King.

    1. They did *everything* wrong. They could have killed him, and I would say that was the *intent.* Police like these are giving black people reparations, one lawsuit at a time…
      Fucking idiots. Too stupid to carry arms.

    2. When I see name calling like ‘loon’ I know that the person writing is not a lawyer; probably wanted to write the word ‘goon’; just used ‘loon’ instead. And that [ mind-set ] is the problem in this situation.

    1. @M V You are right. It does. Every race has some racists against other races. That’s a fact! The human RACE as a whole, SUCKS. 🙂

      BUT… what we see here is a MAJOR imbalance of racism.
      Sure, I’ve seen Black people be racist against Whites.
      But you have to admit, there is a country-wide racist base of Whites against Blacks. Much much more pronounced.
      Just walk down the street any day of the week.
      And I should really say, “racism against Blacks” moreso, because racists do come in all races and seem to target Black people moreso.

      To sum up, *RACISM IS STUPID!*
      It’s baseless, moronic and only low IQ people follow the droning mantras of other racists.
      Sigh. I do get very animated and triggered by this subject, because I just see the best in all peoples. There are soooo many wonderful people in all races.
      Sadly, there’s a growing number of bad people coming out of the woodwork to ruin it for everyone else.

    2. Read you’re Bible bro. Your history and your lineage begins there. Trust only your interpretation of it and do not listen to no one else’s!

    3. @Kevin Moore I’m not sure who you are posting that to.
      If it was to me, I will tell you that I’m not a believer. (if not to me, then.. umm…. NEVERRRRR MINDDDD) LOL
      The bible is just a collection of storied binded into a book. Nothing more.
      There is no god at all.
      All that religion bullshit was invented to control people. Nothing more.
      Religion does nothing but support hate, hurt, pain and murder.
      That being said, in my past, I was involved in religion (I won’t go into major details). I was pushed down that road by family and community. At that time of my life, I didn’t have the power to stop others from controlling my life either.
      I have in fact read that book front to back, twice!
      I do know the BS if pushes.
      I also know, full well, how people cherry pick scriptures to support their hate and biases.
      I also know just how hypocritical people are and use the book to support their lies.
      One example, the bible thumpers will lash out at people saying that the bible says to not do something (whatever it is), but they themselves break the bible “laws” on a daily basis.
      The book does in fact talk about the hypocrites.
      The funniest people to me are the ones that lash out at Gay people saying how the bible has 7 admonishments against homosexuality.
      Yet those same morons are out having sex with multiple partners all the time.
      I guess they missed the part in the bible where there are 77 admonishments about FORNICATION!
      I guess their god thinks that they need 10 times more guidance than Gay people do. 🙂

    4. DB, truth! We’ve allowed concentration camps at the border…we’re next. America is done. The wall is to keep us in. 😐

    1. @Blank You support an unregistered sex offender with a porn star wife idiot. The pedophile is in the WhiteHouse! #justiceforKatie
      Who supports a pedophile but another one? Makes you suspect af. 😒👿

    2. @miapdx HAHAHA yeah unproven and dropped fake allegations vs your idol illhan Omar I a confirmed anti semite jew hating Democrat leftist NAZI WHO MARRIED AND FUCKS HER OWN BROTHER.

      Nicely done!

    3. @Blank You are one bizzare little cult member. Sick, obsessed with incest, 😝 no wonder you like trump😝. Hateful, weird, a true representation of cult45. Stay in the trailer park! You couldn’t handle being around decent people. Your little head would explode from all the decency. 😒👿

  2. Unconscionable and Inhumane. The fact that none of these “officials” will take responsibility for this travesty is beyond the pale.

    1. *Race Hustler Rule #3* – Whenever a black person is mistreated in any way whatsoever the incident must instantly be labeled as “racism” (whether it’s warranted or not) and then endlessly harped on and displayed all over the national media. This must be done while conveniently ignoring that everyday there are millions of other Americans who also endure incidents of mistreatment and unfairness but are ignored by the media because they lack the ability to play the race card.

    1. Sir Loxley Mendoza some of the greatest minds in history were black/ African-American. Lol you didn’t know escalators, stop lights, even peanut butter was made from the hands of black folks. So show a little more respect. Who raised you ?

    2. Your kkknnggrrr filled the 26th patent for a mechanical traffic light, it was never used. Peanut butter was made by the Mayans and Aztecs. It was commercially available in England when your castrated eunuch kknhgrr was alive.

    3. @Oh Boy Answer How long was his medication confiscated for???? Hmmm…. think with your brain

    4. @Sir Loxley Mendoza
      Sad, stupid, lazy methhead, F*@k off.
      Puff your meth pipe and chill the f*@k out.

    1. @Jos Fielden…Do you sit in front of a mirror and practice being a shitstain racist….or does it come naturally?

    1. Most hospitals do not allow outside walks with IV equipment. This is why DR has to sign off of it.

    2. @raosprid…But his doctor DID tell him it’d be alright. Even if the doctor had actually signed some sort of permission slip…the pigs didn’t check ANYTHING….they just hooked him up and took him to jail.

  3. you know what’s funny?
    that IV stand or whatever ‘hospital equipment’ is probably now appropriated by the police as evidence

    1. Yes, a piece of equipment worth about 17 dollars is going to cost that city *millions.* The price of stupidity…

  4. Totally racial, exactly right because there is absolutely no reason to take this to this level, security guard maybe, the cops should know better, bigotry.

    1. In their stupidity they have made another black man a millionaire, at the cost of their city. 👏👏👏👏👏 Police giving out reparations, one lawsuit at a time. 👏👏👏👏👏 Make black Americans wealthy! Yay! 😘😜

  5. The security guard and cops need to be fired. This could have caused this man to lose his life.

    1. Blank still haven’t answered the question. Plead superiority all you want, but at least back up your claims.

    2. *FUN FACTS*
      90% of Hollywood are democrats
      90% of Hollywood are pedophiles

    3. Ignore racist trolls, they live pathetic lives sitting behind a keyboard waiting for stories like this so they can troll.

    1. America is done. The wall is to keep us in. We allowed concentration camps at the border, we’re next. Wake tf up people.

    2. @blessed14real I take it you don’t vote because citizens who vote tend to be more optimistic.

  6. Any of yall on CNN actually gonna start questioning why these kinds of law enforcement officers keep their jobs?

    1. Many people do. The answer is. Because they’re cops and are treated different than regular people.

    2. “y’all” Fresh off the plantation? Perhaps you should become a policemen. Your Adroit post denotes a massive intellect .

    1. The man assumed liability when he left proper medical treatment. That will be the hospital and police assertion. Until you get a law degree or are willing to be a cop STFU

    2. @Sir Loxley Mendoza stop making excuses for this stupidity. He got permission from his Dr to take a walk. He didn’t leave hospital property. GTFOH

    3. @Sir Loxley Mendoza Did you work at being ignorant, or did it come to you naturally? 🤔 It should be your mother in the same situation. Then you *might* understand.

    1. Don’t worry in a few months they’re going to be a lot richer

    2. Yeah black people should not have to obey any laws. They should be able to act in an incongruent manner . All sane people leave a hospital with an IV attached to their arm. Then wander in a parking lot.. Don’t these police know they were slaves? How dare they investigate a crime or perform a mental health detention that is legal under the law.. How dare they use probable cause to detain a person that assumed all liability when he left the hospital .. You are a special kind of stupid.. PC stupid

  7. If that was a white man the security guard would have asked him if he needed any help.
    Yes this is 100% racial profiling from the hospital security a d the police department..

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