1. These house GOP members should be charged with lying. If you lied at work you could lose your job. Why are they allowed to do it? If you don’t stop this right now you are in serious big big trouble. You can not let people just keep lying.

    1. Gosh, things sure have changed. When I visited the capitol as a child, people wore shorts and alligator tees, not full on body armor. No one hollered hang anybody, either. And we didn’t have to bash anyone with a bike rack or break any windows to get inside, as I recall.

    2. These insurrectionist seditionist Trumpian traitors are so ASHAMED they are trying to HIDE WHO THEY ARE.

    3. And during the 1971 War Out Now demonstration, which I attended as a teen with 1/4 to half a million others, the rowdiest behavior I saw or participated in was splashing around in the fountains along the route. That was kind of touristy, a lot more so than Jan 6th 2021.

    4. It was an answer that could be an opinion in context. You can’t be charged for lying. Yet…… That’s not a thing here

    1. @DenMark lol, exactly, we have rights, we pay his salary. We should be able to enter any federal or state rep or senators house at whim

    1. @Belly Dancer Em Like the proud boys, oath keepers, and unidentified men throwing people just standing around in the back is SUV’s without identifying themselves, not stating why they were being held and where they were being taken. Who were these people? Trump’s bounty hunters? There has been ZERO explanation.

    2. @Em D comparatively to the Capitol Hill mess tho. Its a much better reason than the “Stop the Steal” gaslight/lie. A cop convicted of the charges they were protesting for vs. A guy that cant handle losing and then manipulating his low i.q. base. Which one holds more water? You know the answer.
      Be a reasonable person please.

    3. @Em D also…..im a clown if i “dont believe those were not riots.”….. double negative much??? I know english is hard. Good attempt at it. 😂😅

  2. Gosar is such a P0S, that all 4 of his siblings turned on him and have been pleading with Arizonians to vote him out.

    1. @Dragon Lee I know right…what was up with that?? If it’s not drugs, that guy has medical problem that really needs to be diagnosed!

    2. Not convinced he’s on drugs more likely that he’s totally indoctrinated, radicalized and generally a freak that needs voted out. “Anglo-Saxon Ideals” my a$$.

  3. after ww2 when the Nazis lost and were being trialed, they also tried to rewrite the holocaust.

    1. @raymondwise im “fake”? Just cuz you dont like what I said it doesnt make me “fake” lol.

    2. @raymondwise your first post is revisionist history. So you misrepresented facts and l offered reasoned opinion. There for all to see.

  4. When people say “This is the most important election in our lifetime”, it’s hyperbole. I, and most sensible people understand that our next two elections will make or break our country. God help us.

    1. God Bless Us All With These GOP Republicans In Power We Are On A Slippery slope to the end of this America Society.

  5. The Eunuchs, cut to serve royalty and kiss Donnies ring seem to have a loss for words. Any platform yet?

    1. Their platform is to poo poo anyone else’s platform.
      We oppose this bill!
      but you haven’t read it yet…

  6. Broadcast these videos and keep on broadcasting them. I have never in my life heard such utter and total lies spewing out of the filthy mouths of supposed adults. Keep on broadcasting these recordings for as long as possible.

    1. Ken, don’t worry, they won’t need your encouragement. They’ve been doing it for years now, have you not noticed?

      Meanwhile, elsewhere, other news remains unreported.

    2. And report on the stuff you refuse to report on whilst you’re at it. I’m just off to fill the car with gas…..

    3. @TheDiamond2009 if your so worried about missing out on a new report why are you here trolling the comments because there are plenty of ways to view news coverage and if you think you can report the news better then go do it I see people on here whining all the time about some story not covered and when I look I always seem to find it usually in local news or international news or state news its always there if your not to lazy to look.

  7. The “Big Lie” ends when Trump is indicted and prosecuted for it. Having him and others on the stand and under oath. He planted the seed for that January 6th attack for months with his lies, radicalizing the base at rallies, with the aid of his fellow Trumpublicans, and the far right Fox News Network. The DOJ needs to start getting very aggressive.

    1. @Pat Adams Nope. I think prosecuting Trump and Fox News will end it once and for all. His “Big Lie” will end because it’ll come from his own mouth, sweating, under oath, on the stand, on live TV. And a criminal record means he can’t run for president.

      If he’s not prosecuted for January 6th and the SDNY end their investigation with no charges, he’ll run again. He’ll lose again. He’ll get destroyed. It’s the violence after he loses is what’s worrying.

    2. I hope minorities maintain their integrity as voters. The history of my second nation is full of resentments and pain, it is time to change those in the Senate and those in Congress who keep us in the mire of the past. VOTE is important for the changes we need. These days it is good to know our history to sweep away any laws that may affect us.

    3. These insurrectionist seditionist Trumpian traitors are so ASHAMED they are trying to HIDE WHO THEY ARE.

    4. Sadly, it won’t. It will hopefully diminish, but you do not understand the depths of crazy here! It could possibly make it WORSE! To his supporters any prosecution will be a “deep state plot” to take down the Exalted One. All evidence will be “fake news” and further proof to them that Democrats are evil.

  8. If they truly believe what they’re saying then why did they HIDE AND FLEE the capitol?!

    1. @John Swo they are not counting on there constituents to be stupid. They are relying on the fact that their constituents know they’re lying.

    2. @John Swo I totally agree. We know only 70% of republicans support Trumpty DUMBty. 70% is not enough to win elections. Enough republicans voted for Biden because they know that the nonsense the radical far right says is bull, and they’re done with Trump! They let the down-ballot candidates win in 2020, but I do not see that happening in 2022 as long as Trump leads the party. They will be voted out to make the radicals on the right a very small minority.

      The Dems will be legislating our future. Their little bit of socialism programs will rebuild the middle class. It will discontinue trickle down, which is proven not to work.

      To the 30% of republicans, the vast majority part of a dying middle class see those programs far less scary than Trump’s despotism. Trumplicans are scared the Dems will take away their freedoms, but that’s wrong. It will be people like trump, Cruz, Hawley, De Santis, and Gaetz that will take away your freedoms all for power!

      The 30% will split the vote until the GOP is purged of the Trumps that have infiltrated the party.

      It Biden’s job approval is 63%, the Democrat party has grown significantly, or many true republicans know what Biden is doing for our country is far better than what trump was doing.

      Purge the party of trumpism, or we purge you, and give the Dems the 2/3 majority!

  9. This is it America. We are here. These Republicans are admitting that they hate America and they are trying to destroy it by rewriting history.

  10. If by republican logic these deplorables were just “tourists” then why hide? Wouldn’t you want to greet your “patriots” and have photo ops with them?

  11. I saw them tourists too. Almost all of them bought souvenirs…piece of broken classes, papers on Pelosi’s desk etc’s and brought home to their family and the social media.

    1. I am reminded of cops that make up lies about what happened even as their body cameras tell a different story. We have truly entered the era of Orwell’s _1984._ *BIG LARD BOTTOM IS WATCHING YOU.*

  12. It makes my blood boil to see these traitors on a panel deflecting against the very crimes they themselves were a part of! And their arrogance and entitlement is astounding! Insane!

    1. @Dies Irae Ok, cool. But he won’t be charged with anything that happened on the 6th, just saying

    2. These insurrectionist seditionist Trumpian traitors are so ASHAMED they are trying to HIDE WHO THEY ARE.

    3. @raymondwise Probably not, but that’s why Republicans are changing voting rules, such as mail ins: To Cover Their Arses ahead of the next elections.

      One hopes that even deployed Military can vote, but not without mail in. People with physical challenges will have difficulty, as well. The GQP have cut off their collective noses. But, some still believe in voting and the judicial system, despite the efforts of the Republican party.

      Your comment may have triggered responses, as people are sensitive and it did appear a tad snarky! Just saying. Take care.

    4. @Cara Biner No, not probably not, WILL not lol. And if people get sensitive over the truth, than hey its not my fault

  13. He also voted against the three Capitol Officers receiving a Congressional medal. So yes, him “honouring police” today was a sick joke.

  14. I loved the dude who said they were just taking pictures. Even Greene had to do a double take on what he said.

  15. McCarthy (Puppet Kevin) is definitely wearing the Joker’s purple suit. He just needs green hair and Donnie’s bizarre/creepy grin – and there’s the Joker!

    1. The big problem is that the American people will forget… At least that’s what the GOP is hoping…

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