1. I can’t imagine the grief that the family and friends are experiencing right now. If anything is unbearable, this would be it. My God, help them. 🙏🏾

  2. I am so deeply sorry for your family, the grooms family, the other person’s family. She was a beautiful young woman. May God bring healing and peace to all. R.I.P. young Samantha. Gone, but never forgotten. May God also help this young woman who hit the golf cart as she goes through this nightmare she created.

    1. Thanks for showing compassion to both sides. My heart goes out to the groom. The driver more than likely wished she didn’t get out if bed that day.

  3. The car driver needs to spend the rest of her life in jail. The victims’ family now have a life sentence of grief and tears.

    1. This is absurd, it has nothing to do with the suspect, agencies need to ban alcohol or mechanically regress how quickly cars can travel! 😡

  4. Sorry isn’t enough…. My issue is what do we do about these reckless drivers??? This is someone’s daughter, wife, aunt, etc. Their scars are lifetime 😡

  5. Prayer to the family and groom. With that said — South Carolina needs to make it illegal to take golf carts on the street as normal vehicles. No doors, seat belts, etc make this significantly easier for someone to get hurt.

    I understand who is at fault. Golf carts are on golf carts for a reason.

  6. Really heartbreaking💔. My condolences to the bride’s family. May God give strength to groom

  7. Absolutely devastating💔 I am so sorry for the amount of grief and pain this will forever have on these people. Shattering!

  8. Unfortunately, a defense attorney would say she was suffering from some kind of mental breakdown and was not aware of what she had done. This has happened before, and they drunk drivers barely spent any time in jail at all. I suppose it all depends on how much money. She can spend for an attorney. Where did she get all the alcohol? Did someone at a bar sell it to her? I can. Not Even begin to imagine what his family has experienced, and will experience in the future. There is no way I can understand their grief.

  9. This just happened to my parents last summer. They were instantly killed. The other driver was speeding, blew through a stop sign, had open cans of alcoholic tea he and his passenger, both career criminals, soon tried dumping in a storm drain before authorities arrived. Three little girls were in the backseat improperly restrained. That other driver refused a drug or alcohol test and began making up obvious lies after. The legal system has stalled continuously, allowing him to remain free for a year now while he has a baby with a new girlfriend and may (or may not) be up to his old activities. His defense is running circles around the DA, but the guy throws tantrums in the hall. He doesn’t understand why he is in court at all and feels no responsibility and no remorse. This is our legal system at work.

    1. Sorry to hear about your parents..may they R.I.P 🙏❤️ and may God give you strength and peace. Justice will be served.

  10. Let’s go ahead and ban alcohol all over the US. Come on people got on it. We can’t accept this kinds of tragedies on our streets. Let’s ban alcohol everywhere!!!!!!

  11. This is so sad and tragic!! My heart and prayers are with this family! My goodness the driver’s life has ended as well at the young age of 25….what a tragedy on all sides. Prayers are needed for everyone involved!!😢👏🏾

  12. That man and family need a level of support that cannot be described in words.

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