A British Columbia man discovers he was kidnapped as a baby 1

A British Columbia man discovers he was kidnapped as a baby


CTV News Vancouver Island's Adam Sawatsky finds out how a Colwood man’s life took an unexpected turn after the discovery of a birth certificate from Scotland.

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  1. This is a wonderful story. So happy he found his mom. I think of the search for my birth father, and the joy I had when I did find him. So sorry he passed so young.

  2. Children are precious because every single detail shapes their entire life. Shame on whoever turned this man’s life upside down for whatever temporary gain they received. I’m happy the story atleast ended on a high note.

  3. So, how did he have a copy of his birth certificate? Kidnappers don’t usually steal documentation do they?

  4. What a lovely story … I’m so glad they reunited, the body doesn’t forget.
    A fellow adoptee

  5. Hard to believe. Was there ever a case opened by his birth mother or even a cold file of a missing child? Doesn’t appear so. Why don’t these so called journalists do all the research? How do the kidnappers have his documents?

    1. From what is revealed in the video, the birth mom had a couple babysitting in her home(the babysitters probably had searched the home and found the birth certificate) 
      while the baby’s mom was working at the Empress Hotel.
      Then, one evening after work the baby’s mom goes home  and finds out that the couple who babysit for her had ran off with her baby– that happened in 1948.
      I would say the mom would have called the police and everyone else she knew but no knew where the couple went ( the video doesn’t give full details)
      So, according to the video, A.J. grew up in Ontario and the parents who raised him are dead… so I would say the couple who stole A.J went as far as they could
      from Vancouver isl. and Ontario has a whole lot of places a couple could make a new home in, after all who wouldn’t help out a couple with a young child…

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