‘A broken immigration system’: Homeland security secretary defends ending Title 42

CNN's John King discusses the Biden administration ending the controversial Trump-era policy that allowed public health authorities to turn back migrants at the US/Mexico border with an Inside Politics panel. Then Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas explains to CNN's Jake Tapper why the "arc of the pandemic" no longer requires Title 42 to be in place, while also noting that immigration reform is needed. #CNN #News


  1. Ending Title 42 will be the final nail in the coffin of Democratic hopes to hold both houses of Congress in November.

    1. @The Real American Patriot! Shouldn’t someone who calls themselves an American patriot actually know something about their own country?

  2. Haven’t watched a CNN video in awhile…Man, I can’t believe these comments! God Bless America!

    1. @John Smith Uhm no. From America, a blue state too. 😏
      And please spare me with that played out “Russian Bot” business. 🥱

    2. @James Guy Photography I like how you picked the year where a virus broke from China. But even that was before staggering inflation, unbearable gas prices and a war between Russia and Ukraine. The world is in a worse place today no doubt

    1. How can you enforce laws when supreme court nominees can’t event define simple terms like WOMAN. After all its only used in federal law over 1000 times.

  3. More “walk back” from CNN as they try to regain credibility. I miss the days of “what border crisis?… that’s just a republican talking point…”

    1. doesn’t help when a major party in US keeps voting down ANY bill that helps actual citizens. Ironically, it’s the people who need to most help vote for the politicians that want to cut benefits

  4. I blame the Native Americans.
    If they had a decent system for immigration control,
    none of this would have been a problem.

  5. A country of immigration such as the US being incapable to establish an immigration system that is efficient and addresses the needs of the economy is really astounding. There are so many models to choose from: Australia, NZ, Canada they all have a points system that addresses the needs of the economy, the family reunification issues – there’s plenty to choose from and adapt to the specifics of the US. Canada, for example , has also a system of work visas the allows immigrants to come into the country with work contracts – some of them specific for agriculture- which could allow the US to model it and address its agriculture labour shortages. But I think the US in its wisdom, thinks it’s above modeling others – despite the evidence that these countries have an orderly immigration and stable societies. But hwy, what do we know?

  6. When the Cuban dwarf reports illegals are placed “in removal proceedings”, he is placing them on a taxpayer paid flight to the US city of their choice where there is zero chance they will ever leave regardless if the lose their asylum cases.

  7. 7000 a day!!!! 2.5 million a year??? Who’s paying for all this??? Mind boggling, don’t you think? All boy scouts and girl scouts ,right??? It takes 6 to 8 months,sometimes longer depending on the state,to do a background check on a U.S. CITIZEN to obtain a pistol permit …..where are these folks staying while they’re being checked???? Just wondering.

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