A Cry for Help From Jamaican Children | TVJ News - May 26 2021 1

A Cry for Help From Jamaican Children | TVJ News – May 26 2021


There seems to be a disturbing trend in Central Jamaica with the number of children who have attempted suicide over the past year. The Southern Regional Health Authority pointed to cases in the parishes of Manchester, St. Elizabeth and Clarendon.

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  1. There has been a significant increase in the suicide rate of African American Children also, Something rarely or almost never heard of happening among us 50-60 years ago, now quite common This is what happens when we dissolve our common culture, traditional family lifestyles and replace it with weird and unusual cultures, actions and people and call that legal……. Back to the basics, that which is natural , or prepare for further dysfunction within the family and to perish. Man, Woman and Children together in a loving home stems growth, warmth, and security

  2. I don’t know what is happening with our children of today in Ja but when I was their age there was no mention of suicide. Our lives were not a bed of roses. Some of us had to shoulder adult responsibilities while still attending school and parents away at work. Could it be that since our children have been more exposed to the world via the internet they have developed such tendencies like children of the western world do? JA are strong, resilient, and resourceful people. I’m completely baffled. This does not seem like the JA I know. With that been said, we must listen to our children and maintain close supervision as much as possible.

    1. Majority of what you see now has been going on for years. It’s just that social media make it transparent which now challenge us to create solutions. It’s not new; all the crimes aren’t new.

  3. Father please help Jamaica, put your children in your arms an surrounded them with your love an comfort, give them light in these dark times, give their hearts hope instead of despair. In jesus mighty name.. Amen

  4. Jahvoah please have mercy on the chlidren right now we are living in terrible times everybody is feeling the pressure from lockdown to lost of job uncertainty right left and center my faith is this god will take us through this deficulty no thing lose for ever

  5. Its happens worldwide children need to communicate with their peer. Open the school too many children at home unsupervised.

  6. Lord have mercy upon the children of the future they need your help across the nation lord please have mercy

  7. Children are our future. If we want to have a better future we must take care of the children. Other countries make sure that the children get milk and eggs cheap or free , no matter their status in their country . What are the heads doing for the children, especially in this pandemic ?

  8. I’m in grade 5 and this is my first time doing PEP cause I was to do it in grade 4 but cause of covid-19 i didn’t. I’m telling you it’s very stressful I’m trying my hardest job to do my part and pass of immaculate conception high school or CAMPION COLLEGE idk what to do again

    1. Please do not give up! I am praying for you to stay focus an seek God in prayer he will answer an u will pass the exam..say the 23rd Psalm before you start the exam n watch God work! Blessings

  9. Suppose it is the adult including parents is the issue. THE UK have a number for children to call.

    1. I just afraid what coul happen to the children when the parents find out the child make the call….who will rescue the children

  10. Any man hurt children deserves to die. Children are to be protected at all times because they are innocent and when you taken away their innocencey it lead these children thinking that they are not loved and not wanted, and it lead these outcomes. We as adults need to take care of our little children they need our love, our protection, and our guidance.

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