1. Aren’t there Americans serving LIFE Sentences right here in the states for Marijuana?

    Probably handle that first.

    1. @shari Meth is a more serious drug than weed. It bothers me BC addiction is a disease, and they are just users, so they are only harming themselves. It would be one thing if they were selling it.

    2. @shari Damn near everyone in my area is growing weed in their backyards , you can smell it when the wind blows and i love it . Here in Oshawa Ontario there is a dispensary on most every corner . Alot make butter out of it and put it in all their baking and as shallow as it is its the only reason i voted for Trudeau ..

  2. As a finnish person, I stay the hell away from the border to Russia.. we’ve been warned about going to Russia, we might not be able to get back.. some dual citizens have remained over there, when they had their passports taken away…

    1. I have no compassion for another ignorant teacher that is punished. Sure the punishment is severe, but how stupid do you have to be to try this. It will keep him away from teaching out children.

    2. _As an American I will continue to avoid Russia. I moved away from The USA years ago & I’m always aware of the laws of this country. I’ll stay right here & continue to chill da’ fuq out._
      #JustSayin’ 踢
      *Cheers from **#Canc繳nM矇xico* 屢儭莞

  3. Maybe follow the laws of the country youre going to打仄儭 idk why people think theyre above the laws just cause theyre American. You literally cant cross state lines in the states even if youre crossing into a legal state from another legal state so why would you think you can have it in a whole other country?

  4. I live in Myanmar and regularly receive email alerts from the US embassy on things to watch out for here. In every single one, the embassy warns that there is a limit to how much they can help if you get into legal trouble here.

  5. I live in Wisconsin where the medical marijuana law is about the same as Russia. *HOW is it that we’re getting so bent outta shape over this law overseas, but not when it happens here in the USA???*

    1. I agree with your sentiment but buddy, crossing international lines is a game changer 余ven crossing state boundaries to commit a crime in the US constitutes as a Federal crime.

    2. Because you DONT wanna be in a Russian prison during hostile times! Id choose a Wisconsin prison instead. Your comparison is bad and inaccurate

    1. @Sebastian Liebmann well, if i’m not wrong prisoners in usa can phone call and can write letters without the need of interpreters

    2. If a 60-year-old man has not learned that for no reason should he travel to another country and carry cannabis with him, he deserves 14 years in prison. No matter what passport you have.

    3. And what happens to people with the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

  6. Not saying them going through this is ok, but know the laws of the countries you travel to. In the states you cant even take it over state lines. Whether you use it medically, or not, it is illegal in some places. Be aware of the laws before you travel.
    (I have my medical card and use cannabis for seizures and blinding migraines. So I am in no way knocking these people. Dont come for me.)

  7. Unless it was truly placed in the baggage by mistake as one of the defendants claimed, it is stupid to take such a thing to a country especially if that govt is hostile towards your country. If it is important as in the medication, just don’t go or get an alternative medication while you are there. Now it’s too late. Russia is going to use these people to negotiate with the US govt to release their people who might have committed much more serious crimes.

    1. Even if it was a mistake as claimed it was a really stupid mistake. Your packing your bags to go into a communist country. Mistakes like that shouldnt happen. My heart goes out to the girl because your right, she is now merely a pawn in the chess game.

    2. @Ian Alan

      Her mistake was thinking she’s so important, because she’s American, that other countries’ laws don’t apply to her. Americans have gotten in trouble abroad, as long as America has been a thing. But, since the turn of the Millennium, Westerners in general, but particularly Americans, have become so self-absorbed and entitled, they believe that they are in authority to govern the laws, wherever they go. Its like the Brit that got arrested trying to steal Iraqi artifacts and everyone is outraged the the UK isnt bombing anyone over it. When I went to Iraq as a contractor in ’05, I got a very short State Dpt briefing on that issue – steal from Iraq, we’ll leave you in Iraq

    3. @Spring – My dad used to travel to China and Saudi Arabia for business. I saw the documents he had to sign. Break the law and face their consiquences basically.
      Im confident this young lady had to do similar. You make a point though. My dad was of a different generation that was pandered to or taught the same things about our country, and our place in the world, as this generation is.

      Stupid mistake none the less. Bless her heart!

  8. He taught for 10 years in Russia, was associated with the embassy, and is suprised by this?

    This is not some tourist that accidentally left a joint in their pack.

  9. She had 40 cartridges in a place shes been to many times and knows the laws. Some countries enforce their laws. Wrongfully detained for breaking a countrys laws??

    1. @Spence798 Sorry Spence, I won’t be “making my move”. Not my move to make….the move belongs to the authorities. Violent little fella aren’t ya?

    2. @A Brown He might be wrong but she broke another countries laws. She’s not illegally detained. The teacher broke their laws, he’s not illegally detained. Too bad for them but they did it to themselves.

  10. As a Canadian, even after it was decriminalized, you need to understand that not all Countries are lenient towards THC use , medical or not. Never travel with it. Period.

    1. @Scott Miller I’m an American who lives outside the U.S., and you’re exactly right. It’s sad, but why people take it on planes… I’ll just never understand it. Stubbornness? Addiction? I dunno.

  11. I’ve traveled to 100 countries and certainly know that what’s legal here may not be elsewhere, and its on you to check those things out before traveling somewhere. For the athelete, looks like it accidentally got into her suitcase but the teacher was ignorance, which is no excuse.

  12. Wow, you used to get 25 years for 1 joint in Nevada, so considering that aspect he did well getting a 14 year sentence.

  13. Lesson: Drug users should make sure someone else is packing the bags when your traveling to hostile foreign power that will use you to get their way. I have empathy for this lady but seriously, don’t ever go to a country that is hostile to the country your from unless you are willing to put your life at risk. I really for sorry for her children if they have to grow up without her.

  14. I’ve never used drugs, but as a traveler I’m constantly checking with local laws and customs because I don’t feel that my American citizenship is an automatic passport to a get out of jail free card. This is truly an unfortunate situation, both situations, that I hope the US can rectify ASAP

  15. Understand that the laws are different everywhere else. I watched Midnight Express and took it to heart that you NEVER carry substances with you when you travel outside the USA. The consequences are not worth it. Know the laws before you travel and think twice before visiting a hostile nation. That being said, I pray they get to safely come home soon.

  16. That’s the risk Americans face when working in foreign countries.
    I had to smile when sister said ‘medical Marijuana.’ It really reflects both American ignorance, arrogance and stupidity. Medical Marijuana does not exist in Russia and many other countries. It’s unfortunate but he should have known better if he worked there for such a long time.

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