A Democracy Is Not A Democracy If Some People Can’t Vote 1

A Democracy Is Not A Democracy If Some People Can’t Vote

Civil disobedience, refusing to comply with certain unjust laws as a form of peaceful protest, can be a powerful catalyst for change. The history of civil disobedience in America is long, and it is alive today. Activists and lawmakers are willingly getting arrested to fight for voting rights. And the entire chamber of democratic state legislators in Texas have left the state to protest laws that would break our democracy in two. “If one of us is chained, none of us are free.” The chains are the restrictions on voting. Breaking them is democracy. America is not a democracy as long as some people can’t vote. And that is why people are willing to get arrested. It’s what John Lewis meant when he said, “get into good, NECESSARY trouble.” This is the moment to protest. Loudly. And demand action.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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A Democracy Is Not A Democracy If Some People Can’t Vote


  1. Democrats are going to have to find ways around these unjust laws. There is a sickness in the Republican Party. They are out of control.

    1. @Billyboy really??? I meant the people’s president who saved America and the planet from death by covid 19, by pushing “operation warp speed” (despite fauci’s pessimism) to develop a Vaccine in 7 months. Millions of lives saved. Thank you Trump, and thank you American taxpayers for flipping the bill, you’ve shown again capatilism is the superior economic structure.

      Ps: Trump caused the early deaths? Not those who let the virus out? Youtube “John Stewart on covid 19” hopefully then you’ll understand

    2. Some Guy; January 6=“this was insurrection. A terrorist attack!!”(American democrat) September 11, 2001=“some people done something.” (Also an American democrat, in congress no less).

    3. If you were born in have ss# and you are of age, no one is keeping you from voting. This Robot you listen to is wrong.

  2. That was right on the money. We should all be standing behind these patriots to stop our rights from being available.

  3. Ur preaching to the choir bro i been knowing this. It’s kind of like a chain is only as strong as its weakest link

    1. @Charles A Smith Whats even funnier, that vaccine is trumpos warp speed. He took it before anyone in America got it. Then they try to turn their followers away. Self eradicating GOP.

    2. @bombastic attitude The “Party of Personal Responsibility” should be prepaying their own hospital bills and funeral costs.

    3. @bombastic attitude The lemmings demand Baby Cheesus get all the credit for the vaccines even as they draft reasons to not take the vaccines themselves at the same time.

  4. politics are trying to make it hard to vote, how about making it harder to become a politic, any one involved on the Jan 6 or corruption should be banned from office, people must have a clean background, and no, acquitted is not innocent, is guilty but shielded, so must be banned as well, and no, “let the people decide voting” doesnt work if there is vote restrictions.

  5. “You shouldn’t have to come to the voting booth, the voting booth should have come to you”- Voting booth

  6. People have courage and vote blue, if not this will be a 3rd world country. This your life, this is your vote for freedom and free will.

  7. _“Whatever is my right as a man is also the right of another; and it becomes my duty to guarantee as well as to possess.”_
    *― Thomas Paine, Rights of Man*

    1. @humbugs100 What about naturalized citizens? What about ex-cons? What about people who were born here but whose birth wasn’t registered?

  8. 0:31 Yeah, but those of us who aren’t chained don’t feel quite as un-free as those who are.

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