A different way to harness wind energy 1

A different way to harness wind energy


The founder of Vortex Bladeless says his 'wobbly' turbines convert wind into energy at around 30% of the cost of traditional wind energy sources.

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  1. If its 30% cost what’s the output difference? Likely 10% of normal output… not only that how does it deal with gusts? Long term viability? Vibration damage? Neat idea but it needs more research.

  2. Wow, that’s cool. The oscillation is kind of neat, because it seems to me that it would have a double benefit in using its bounce back momentum as extra energy created.

  3. Want to harness wind energy? Just put a wind turbine near any politician and the constant flow of hot air from their mouth will provide lots of power.

  4. If any of you guys or gals hear from Brad today tell him I get off work at 3. And the BBQ & BEERS start at 4:00 sharp.

  5. Very cool. It’s so simple that you wonder why nobody came up with it before. e.g. Architects know what a vortex does because they design their buildings to reduce those same oscillating effects caused by a vortex. I’d be willing to put some small ones on my house, depending on the cost and how much power it produces.

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