A Dry Harbour Environmental Dispute – November 16 2020

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    1. @Oneil Green this stupid equivalencies is the problem. PNP destroyed the country so Andrew should destroy Jamaica too without criticism. O’Neil you’re a shithouse and here’s why: you don’t actually care about Jamaica, you only care about politics.

  1. The ppl Jamaica most stop the primister from doing that he is too out of order tell your steak holder to back of…too greedy

  2. Don’t stop protesting people the voice of the people is the voice of God this Government is behaving is going on as if they are God look at how the people are suffering in St Elizabeth from bauxite mining Mr Prime Minister you can’t fool us any longer.

  3. The Prime minister must take into consideration that only 37 percent of the voters voted in the recent general election, he must listen to environmentalists and other Jamaicans.

  4. This man wants to destroy the island look at all the flooding that is taking place he don’t see this is a wake up call,

  5. Hold on didn’t he say that “there’s an decrease in the Covid cases” then shortly after that “there’s an increase that takes the cases to almost ten thousand people “🤔. Help me with that

  6. That’s what y’ll vote for when he finish selling out Jamaica he need to sell all of you that sell your vote, and who didn’t vote have no talk.

  7. The forest is important and to the island, keep cutting down the trees, the island will flood, Nature will and is rebel

    1. We are going to wash out to the sea after they are done cutting down all the mountains in Jamaica….the the government will relocate…this something every Jamaican must oppose..

  8. Leave the mountains alone Mr Minister….hurricanes are going to have a field day with us after they mine away the mountains

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