A Fear Of ‘Full-Scale Civil War’ In Afghanistan Looms

As American troops leave Afghanistan, President Biden has few policy options for the region, according to the Washington Post's David Ignatius.
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  1. America spent a decade telling the Afghanistan people “Go to school, work hard, we will protect you and we will help you build your country”. The population bought into the plan and now it’s “Oops, we lied. Sorry. And the Taliban has begun butchering and slaughtering people. There has to be a better option here.

    1. There is, it’s called stay in for another decade until the government is ready to stand on it’s own two feet. We’re very close to this point right now, we just need another few years.

  2. Their taliban oppresses women and our evangelicals take away women’s rights. It’s not our country against theirs. It’s the oligarchs keeping the peoples rights down.

    1. and Usa does? o yeah..if you not a certain income level, you might be equal opportunity homeless person , woman, man, child., Usa don’t care

  3. Afghanistan Government is responsible for their country not the USA time for their government to govern their country STEP UP!

  4. When the Taliban retakes Afghanistan and reopens Camp Jihad, what will all the people ranting about a conspiracy to keep fighting in Afghanistan claim? 🤔

    1. They’re masters at just making up a new story. I think the majority of them have the attention span of a goldfish.

    1. @A Fridge Too Far Troubles 2.0. Seriously, look up the Troubles in Ireland. it was, bad.

    2. @Griff Garrison MAGA on one side, the rest of the country (with all the factions, etc that implies) on the other side. Reluctantly I admit. Simply put I’m thinking the trump cultists are going to start shooting anyone who doesn’t agree with them

    1. @Zan Dale It does seem likely that the government would try more targeted strikes on the ground, but, we’ve seen American citizens be dispatched via drone already, which is what I based the comment on. Of course, I’m just speculating – the US Gov’t probably has a hundred other ways to deal with these types of things that we don’t even know about yet. The military has the force, power, and numbers to win in every scenario.

    2. @Hank Boost I hope that it doesn’t come to that. That was an interesting and civil back and forth. If they would try that then conflict could be avoided

    3. @Zan Dale I think the main trouble (at least from what I’ve seen in my own personal interactions) is that both sides aren’t really interested in hearing _anything_ anymore. When they do chat, it’s a match of who can shove their ideas down the other one’s throat faster. It’s not productive and I’m not sure how “we” (collectively speaking) can recover from it.

    4. Hank Boost,
      I’m not so sure about that!
      After so many ppl stood up to them… let’s say a good 20 million at least. I think the ppl have a fighting chance to win. It depends! It depends on how the ppl go about it.

    5. @Life Is Poetry The people don’t have a fighting chance against the US military. Nobody does. I’m confident that, if something big happens, the military will (properly) snuff it out.

  5. Does Afghanistan have a heavily armed insurgency declaring a deranged psychopath is the REAL KING too? Then IT’S TRUE! Every nation really does want to be like America. WE’RE #1

    1. yeah. How many mass shooting so far this year? And out of them, how many were political? Ugh. I’m so tired

  6. We have no clear mission in Afghanistan. No clear objective. Most US citizens want out. 20 years, nothing to show for it. It’s time to leave. And staying longer is merely throwing good money after bad. They need to work their own country out and so do we.

  7. There was no solution to Afghanisstan. We could have stayed there for a hundred years, and this STILL would have happened the second we left. We could not “win” Afghanistan. We simply cannot help.

  8. It was Obama’s masterpiece to direct our troops to Afghanistan; Yet, no one dared to criticise Obama the historical mistake he made.

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