'A genocide of our people': AFN chief on residential schools 1

‘A genocide of our people’: AFN chief on residential schools


Assembly of First Nations Chief Perry Bellegarde discusses the remains of 215 children discovered near a former residential school in B.C.

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  1. “We Need more Funds for Our Chief and Councils Family Members so they can Drive new Vehicles and only support their own Family with Government Funds!!”

  2. How in the world where they better off at those murderous schools than with their families? This makes me sick.

    1. Scariest words ever…”Hi, I’m from the Government and here to help!”…its clear at this point, reverse all they say and you’re closer to the actual Truth

  3. Right now the respectful treatment of these ancestors and a final resting place be decided. The politics and examination of the who and how will continue for years. That is my point of view.

  4. The Canadian government knew that the Indigenous Canadians must be educated in the European ways. Residential schools worked well for many but definitely not all. This Canadian is appalled that indigenous leadership uses the word genocide in such a dishonest manner.

    1. Read their documents..it was literally their intent, to get rid of the “problem”..dang I’m starting to see how all this happened, dead hearts, past and present…

  5. Seriously??…..throwing even more Money at them will fix the problem(s)?. HIGHLY Unlikely!!!!.

  6. No political event or circumstance can be evaluated without the knowledge of The Vatican’s ( JESUIT) part in it. And no significant world situation exists in which The Vatican does not play an important explicit or implicit role.”

    ~Edmond Paris, the Vatican against Europe (Springfield, Missouri: Ozark Book Publisher, 1993), p. 308

  7. How did they die? Did they get murdered or die from natural causes? Was there an attempt at contacting parents? Would all be ok if there was a headstone made?

    1. you’re not allowed to ask questions like that, you must agree its genocide! don’t get me wrong whatever the cause is going to be unacceptable but calling it genocide is irresponsible at the very least! idiots throw that word around pretty freely these days to score political points! it demeans the lives of those that were ACTUALLY victims of genocide!

  8. A National Day of Mourning Needs to be declared and every Residential School Searched
    This is Disgusting and WILL not be swept under the Rug again

  9. Horrifying… yet NOBODY cares!! Why?? To minimize European guilt!! You’re ALL on stolen land! Honour the Treaties!!

  10. oh please, we all knew and the Government and Churches covered it up and lied to Canadians about what they did. smh

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