1. government appointed counsel not voted in by the people self-government!!! YOUR COMMUNITIES=WE OWN THEM OUTRIGHT

    1. @td603 td603 you are not aware of what’s being said here…. are you indigenous to this land or Indian a ward of the queen and owned by the crown and a minor in the eyes of the government???? a displaced man/woman robbed of our birthright and ……i don’t have the time to educate you on the genocide we face every day by the colonizing Albion crown gov.

    1. Stop your chiefs from stealing money do what every town in canada and look after it yourself. You get 15 billion a year .

    2. @Dennis Mahaney It’s pretty much the same as a third world dictator intercepting and stealing aid from the west. There’s not much difference.

  2. Awesome. Canada truly is a country to be very proud of. However, we have to move beyond oil and into greener energies. Canada should be the leader in Space Solar Panels in outer space that beams energy 247 to collection sights on earth. The energy demands in the future are going to be gigantic.

  3. So happy to see the premieres taking the reins from trudeau and starting to fix the country that the liberals desecrated

  4. 6 billion given to them every year but they can’t drill a well for water the Indians want more money

  5. I want to be part of this because of the children,secondly the oil wealth… ER… the Premiers too!

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