1. You don’t need to be a colonel to see this encirclement coming. Anyone with working eyes can see it on the map.

    1. @Hai Boai finally the truth! Thank you sir! Everyone press the link to find out what’s going on!

    2. @K1lostream and in mariupol how the Azov nazis battalion treat the civilians as shield if refused they killed them .

  2. In WW1, the refusal of the French, for political reasons, to give up virtually indefensible ground at Verdun created a ”meat grinder” the like of which has never been seen. Hundreds of thousands of French troops, subject to constant bombardment and human wave attacks died with little chance to respond effectively. The demand for the British Army to relieve the pressure on Verdun, by attacking at The Somme, led to 60,000 British Commonwealth casualties ON THE FIRST DAY ALONE!

    The strategic demand is to exit this danger area ASAP. This protects the limited numbers of the Ukraine military, lengthens the Russian supply lines, increases the area the Russians need to hold down, while shortening the front for more concentrated lightning attacks at weak points, all of which serves to increase the vulnerability of Russian forces, whose morale is already low. There are prepared positions further west on higher ground that are not encircled.

    Reluctance to abandon such danger zones for political or presumed ”national morale” reasons has probably lost many battles that should never have been fought. A pyrrhic victory holding Severodonetsk (sp?) will not serve the Ukrainian military or their war effort.

    1. And what if Russia does not attack those western positions? Perhaps if Ukraine retreats then Russia will just move forward and dig in?

    2. @joe mammon Hahaha!!! Congratulations! That’s easily the stupidest thing i’ve read all day! 🏆

  3. Ukrairne is winning right ? So why he is suggesting the Ukrainian army to run back ? With all the arms and supports from US & NATO why Ukrainians can’t hold their land? What is Zelensky doing ?

  4. Giving up the ground east of the river isnt bad, its a smart thing to do if it is difficult especially to make it more feasible to defend the southern flank of the pocket.

    1. @hb Are you serious???? Who are you trying to fool me or yourself now?
      You know, in what context from 1933-1939, the “independent” Western media wrote about Hitler: “German Nazism is a reliable support of the West in containing Soviet Russia.”
      When “death camps” were operating in Germany in 1938, Hitler was recognized as the person of the year according to Time magazine.

    2. True, the Colonel doesn’t take in account that Luhansk city high ground on the other side of the river overlooks Sievjerdonetsk. Also, he wrongly points out a way to fall back across the river as the main bridges are already destroyed.

    3. thank you Monkerud for that. feeling a little better now.Only like to hear good news that Ukraine will succeed now preferable but later is ok.

  5. That pocket is not very easily closed by the Russians as the colonel says. A river with no functional bridges is in the way, and crossing rivers is difficult and dangerous for the Russians, as we have seen. That’s why the Ukranians have not withdrawn.

    1. He also didn’t mention high ground overlooking the river from which artillery can rain on approaching enemy units

    2. ​Yes, thank you @JJ Collins ​or clarification. There is no sence for Russian to hurry with taking of Sievierodonetsk, since this territory is well sheltered from the high bank of the river from Lysychansk. And bridges are already destroyed. So Ukrainian troops in Sievierodonetsk are fighting without supplies and can withdraw only by swimming, abandoning heavy equipment.

    3. @Russia’s Suffering In Ukraine Russians advancing to the immediate south are surrounded by Ukraine troops on each side. Who is advancing and who is defending is just opinion. You could say the Urkainians are advancing and to the south the Russians are surrounded and defending.

  6. A question to the world that calls itself democratic, free and humane:
    When are you going to announce tough sanctions and strict actions against illegal settlers and the invaders who have murdered millions of innocent children, women and men in the last 2-3 decades?
    Let’s hope same outcry and reactions are seen against all warmongers.
    Peace must prevail everywhere, not just in a particular part of the world

    1. I changed my twitter profile to the Ukrainian flag. I’m doing everything I can! Slava Ukraine!

    1. @baloz 89 trying to NOT be encircled. If someone blows up your car and you miss work… what is wrong with you?

    2. “The enemy has us surrounded – they won’t get away this time”
      – Chesty Puller, Chosin reservoir Korea

    3. @B AveryWhen you are surrounded by the enemy it’s really hard to miss them when you shoot.

  7. What these guys don’t know is that just west of Donesk and in the Crimea area are the largest natural gas reserves in Europe. Which, if exploited will undercut Russia’s monopoly on fueling Europe. Since 30-40% of Russias economy is based on oil and natural gas. It would completely destroy Russia’s economy.

    1. russia has far more reserves inside russia and they are piping more of ut straight to china, especially out beyond the urals ..

      the donbass region is mostly relevant to supplying europe, which is due to contract from climate change legislation over the next 30 years regardless of the war … the war is just accelerating that effort and everyone knows it …

      the real significance for the donbass region, up to dnipro is the manganese ores … ukjraine supplied around 40% of the world market from that region … its used in metallurgy to harden steel, especially military grade steel… thats why the soviets build massive armoured vehicle manufacturing plants in the cities surrounding the region (like in north kharkiv etc)

    2. @Ronan Rogers most people, especially many of those making money from the financial markets, fail to comprehend that the financial systems themselves are entirely dependent on barter and trade, not the other way around

  8. its not a simple matter to close the cauldron as suggested because the topography of the land would make them vulberable to artillery from the west where the ukrainians have prepared their defences

    the russians don’t need to slam the couldron shut, their positions in poposna and just south of lyman means they are within artillery range of the ukrainian supply routes going into severdonetsk and have any resupply efforts in an effective crossfire

    the russian objective to demilitarize and denazify means they intend to destroy the ukrainian armed forces, just as they have destroyed much of the ukrainians military manufacturing and maintenance capacity in northern kiev and northern kharkiv

  9. Young men marching eagerly away to war
    Old men talking about war while young men die .
    All quiet on the western front .

  10. It’s so good that he circles those areas, otherwise how would I know which territory do the Russians have occupied? It’s not like it’s very clearly marked red on the map…

  11. -Henry A. Wallace (1888-1965, Planet Earth)
    “What we must understand is that the industries, processes, and inventions created by modern science can be used either to subjugate or liberate. The choice is up to us.”
    “Lo que debemos entender es que las industrias, los procesos y los inventos creados por la ciencia moderna pueden usarse para subyugar o liberar. La elección depende de nosotros”.

  12. This guy needs to chat with Michael Clarke who features on Sky News from time to time in order to get a more realistic view of where Ukraine will be retreating to in order to mount a counter offensive. Thats if the “promised” weapons ever arrive. They have real time intelligence that keeps them up to date and they will not allow themselves to be encircled.

  13. No. You can reverse the image to the immediate south of Russian troops between east and west Ukrainian troops.

  14. It is absolutely essential for our nation to protect our keyboard warriors for the future historical battles….

  15. “…As unknown, and yet well known as dying, and, behold, we live as chastened, and not killed…” (2 Corinthians)
    Satan rules the world. But Russia will overcome Satan

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