A Jamaican in Ukraine Shares his Experience | TVJ News – Feb 24 2022

A Jamaican in Ukraine Shares his Experience | TVJ News - Feb 24 2022 1


  1. God, please protect my fellow Jamaicans in these dark and dangerous times and return them safely to us. Hearing that mother at the end, broke my heart into so many pieces…

  2. When the Gov. Want to spend money on other things they will find it so why they cannot find it to help the students in this crisis. Who wants the burden of a loan now in this pandemic and other crisis going on.

    1. Yes truth be told they offered a loan to get them out. The thing is that no one took Putin seriously… when a mad man speaks you better listen or else when you are not paying attention he will knock you out with likely a big stone. Help needed for the world at large.

  3. An easy solution, would have been to start a GO-FUND ME, I wouldn’t think twice, and other jamaicans wouldn’t either.

  4. I feel it for this mother, I know how it feel for your child not to be where you are, you can’t focus or do anything. Praying for everyone.

  5. I would take the loan. Then figure it out after. Complain when you are safe on home soil. The Russians were camped out all around Ukraine holding war games, yet many thought that Putin would not attack. What did they think that he was doing, playing? Tek sleep mark death. The ironic thing is now they may have to spend more money than the loan in their escape. Merciful God, I am asking you to guide these Jamaican students safely to the Polish border and out of Europe quickly. Touch them from the crown of their head to the soles of their feet. Provide trustworthy guides for them who can see them to safety. In Jesus’ mighty name I pray. Amen

    1. I too would have taken the loan, first. Then, allow the chips to fall where they may later. Preoccupation with the financial strains of the loan would not have been my priority.

    2. I would have take the loan and then trust God to help me to pay it back God promise to never leave me nor forsake me so I would take it.

    3. Praying for you guys over there in Ukraine just put your hands in the hands of God he will never leave you alone just trust God 🙏❤️

  6. How about a go fund me page,for the student,people of Jamaica 🇯🇲 please pull together for the future young people of our country we can do this!!!


    2. Shame on our Jamaican Government! Some politicians dip their hands in our tax paying dollars ever so often and that’s not questioned by our Government! Our citizens/students are desperate! Now isn’t the time to talk about darn stupid rat-trap loans!!!! KMT!!! So disgusting!!!

  7. Ok so you think twice and now you’re stuck. Nobody taught you to protect your life first? So how you plan to protect and care for people lives if you don’t care about yours? I understand financial constraints and the idea of a loan as a slap in the face, but how you did decide to take such a chance with your own life? I cannot wrap my head around that.

  8. There’s a saying, “Hog says, the first water you catch, wash in it.”
    I know just hearing the word “loan” makes you afraid, but it would have been better to accept then negotiate later. “It’s your safety that shoul come first.”
    Do hope you all make it out alright by God’s grace & mercy!!

    1. You also have to remember when the loan was offered bombs wasn’t raining down and the people in Ukraine did not believe Russia would storm in. So they were taking advice from people inside the country who did not see a reason to leave either.

  9. This could be the beginning of WWW3 as one person in Crimea stated. This is no time to negotiate the repayment of loans. Romania and Poland could very well be dragged into this and as Putin clearly stated ” no one will win”. Lord please guide and protect these students.

  10. Loan? Come on this is a crisis! I can understand why they would be hesitant to take out a loan. They should have been offered a paid ticket home. Praying for the families🙏🏽

    1. One thing I know for sure the bible cant lie there will be war and rumors of war when u see these thing look up you jesus is on the way so all u people late on the different happening that taking place

    2. The Andrew Holness Administration is a nightmare!!! Jesus Christ!! How the Ja Government suh wicked!!! Goes to show the value the Ja Government places on it’s citizens!!! Shame on 🇯🇲!!!

  11. I would rather my tax paying dollar be used to save the lives of our citizens who are trying to improve themselves and contribute positively to society in the future, than to be stolen by politicians, used for overun contracts and to buy votes, etc.

  12. This reminds me of the early days of Covid. The Jamaican government failed to provide proper assistance for the Jamaicans in China. Now a similar story. Same incompetent Minister Johnson.
    They are showing their true colors and it is not – black, green, and gold.

  13. If they wanted to come any offer they got they would have taken then think about what would happen next, they just thought nothing was going to happen with those Russian treats.

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