1. There are entire mounds of radio active.toxic dumping sites all over usa. This has been going on

    1. @2DEEP2MUCH 420 Sorry to disappoint you, but the USA is not the whole planet…. 😉
      Cheers from outer-space….

    1. Get a 600 million gallon Brita filter? Or just let it run out all over, you won’t be growing anything there for decades, more radiation and heavy metals than normal for America, what else is new? Blame it on anyone but Drumpf, as usual.

  2. Privatize the profits and socialize the losses. It has always been like that and will always be.

    1. If the company heads are not held responsible for this it will be because the government let them off. If the implication is that the government wouldn’t have caused this, need I point to the endless examples of government failures leading to unfathomable lives lost throughout human history.

    1. perkyzombie, Well, they’re still fly fishing in it. Hows the fishing in Florida rivers? I’d clean up my own yard before calling out a neighbour for theirs, but I’m not American.

    2. @perkyzombie typical rethuglican response, what about what about what about SQUIRREL! What a novel solution to the problem.

    3. @Sinister Minister right cause our Canadian environment should be political.. and therefore I must be opposed to you? -Again not American.

  3. they collect it like that, just for an occasion lilke this… big brain thinking brought to you by the GOP

  4. It must be difficult to maintain a rootless and rockless dirt wall that holds water. No concrete re-enforcements? When you start wrong, you will end wrong.

    1. You’re wrong in that it was built ‘unprotected’. That whole holding pond has a plastic bladder making it like a bathtub….and unfortunately it’s failed.

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