1. Canada is a democratic country that has independent legislature, executive, and judicial system as the three pillars of democracy. In other words, China should understand that Canada is ruled by law , not by dictators, and Trudeau cannot and should not interfere with the court’s decision, else Canada will become a laughing stock on the world stage.

    1. @liana sammartino You are very uneducated. Possibly 100% brain dead. Your whole country’s population flocks to the Canadian border constantly, filling Canada with desperate dishwashers and janitors. If Canada was such a joke nearly every country in the world’s inhabitants wouldn’t be trying to get in all the time.

      Go back to school kiddo. 😒😑

    1. record these names and investigate how much they get from China.They are Canadian or members of CCP?

    2. @姐夫 they do not need to be members of the CCP or anything like that in Canada all you need is a suit case full of cash if you want to buy a politician and a half of one to buy these has been’s. this country is crooked to the core.

  2. If they want to play this quid pro quo game, why not just lock her up and see how she likes being in general population.

    1. If we are horse trading with human lives, let’s bargain harder. Meng is obviously a valuable prize.

  3. Her world never ended wen this started but the micheals world was halted wats China guna do for them for their family for this time lost dudes wife is with someone else now over this how you guna pay them back for this false acusation of spying you defamated there charecter portrayed them as criminals when they weren’t that’s also a crime here so weres there’s justice if China wants justice for ms meng why is she more important.her phones sukc

  4. China has to be punished for the jailing of the two Canadians. Any regime that jails Canadians should be blacklisted, time to cut business ties with China and send a clear message to the Chinese that if they want to engage in commerce with Canada you free all Canadians. Sanctions on China are long overdue. Trudeau has been too soft. I may be OK swapping this Chinese that is held in Canada for the two Canadians, but only after imposing tough economic sanctions on China shutting down all commerce with China.

  5. So will treudeau now send the ccp, Canadian tax dollars to cover the cost of the incarceration of these two men…. as an apology?
    Obviously the ccp agent being held in Canada, for the USA, has some ammount of criminal responsibility, or the ccp would not be so worried.

  6. So is she gonna pay for the court costs? Her mansion should cover it and even have some left over to send back to her needy family.

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