A look at eight times Prince Philip visited Canada

A look at eight times Prince Philip visited Canada 1


Archival video of the Duke of Edinburgh visiting Canada over the years as part of his royal duties.

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18 Comments on "A look at eight times Prince Philip visited Canada"

  1. 8 times out of his 99 years.

  2. There’s more footage of him with Jimmy Savile than there is of him in Canada.

  3. Prince Phillip | April 9, 2021 at 1:53 PM | Reply

    1964 Kamloops….heck of a trip with the wife

  4. Tbh
    With all that has f ed up the world in the past 13 months….his passing

    This is great news!

  5. No one cares.

  6. He’s also been to London Ontario twice

  7. Follow up, keyboard keeps overriding, it is Sandspit, B.C.

  8. Kamloops 1964

  9. I’m pretty sure this video is about 8 occasions he visited Canada, not the ONLY 8 times

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