A look at the key battlegrounds to watch across Canada 1

A look at the key battlegrounds to watch across Canada


Evan Solomon and former MPs look at the key battlegrounds to watch and discuss the party's path to victory.

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    1. @Hyperpandas they don’t manage… but the ministry is always in communication with govt bodies and agencies that do. so mckenna is utterly inept.

    2. @rick lazio Buddy claimed she “lost 10 projects worth millions”. There’s no politician who can be blamed for that. It’s just not their job, no matter the government.

    3. BLOCKCHAIN Technology only works on how much you owe them
      to the penny .
      Not on the SPENDING /OUTGOING
      where are the receipts ?

    1. @dominic barbucci popular vote? canadians do not vote for the PM. We votew for our local representative in our local ridngs. if you mean that national vote tallies should decide the seat allocation in the house that, otherwise know as proportional representation , would be great.

    2. @Richard C how did you wrap your little brain around that? You completely missed the o.p’s point that eastern Canada dictates the vote. You have no clue how geography plays into an imbalance in representation.

  1. It’s little known that these campaign buses are wrapped with digital print primary petroleum based vinyl. A wrap on these buses run into 10s of thousands of dollars!! Like $30-40 thousand. Then after a month the wrap is removed and thrown in the trash!!! Mind boggling!!

    1. Yes, it’s all for climate change. Its our fault, we must pay more carbon taxes and eat less meat. The vinyl wraps are fine though, because these guys are our gods. Of whom I don’t know any of them, nor will I.

    2. @T P can you imagine the bill for all these bus wraps for all these candidates plus all the lawn signs. That alone runs in the 100s of thousands of dollars. Then afterwards they all get thrown away!!! Nobody thinks of these things. Who’s paying for this waste? I think we know who

    3. Busses and planes! Mr climate activist himself JT was in 4 different provinces today… but we should all buy cars with smaller engines… yeaaaa.

  2. Geez, they should never let McKenna on one of these again. She’s just a political cheerleader while everyone else seems to be providing actual analysis.

  3. The most important issue for millennials such as myself is affordability. Things have become insane since Trudeau came in.

    1. As a non lib voter, that wasnt trudeaus fault. thats mostly provincial, and the low interest rates that did that. like when ford killed the renter protection laws in ontario, and kenney in alberta.

    2. Trudeau’s Carbon Tax is a gem and a large contributor to the 18 year old record jump in Inflation. If he wins he will jack it up even more. He’s a Drama Teacher, he doesnt know what hes doing. He just knows how to spend and tax.

    3. It’s amazing how dumb most of you guys in Ontario are to vote this guy back in . I guess you guys like all the hand outs and higher tax’s when we have to pay all the money back that he spends. I hope your cost of living sky rockets. Then we will here you guys cry. I can’t afford to live.,

  4. I’m just wondering why electoral reform to make it fair for the west wasn’t an issue. Oh ya that’s right, the leaders are too busy slagging each other. I really hate this slam your opponent style of politics. None of the big issues facing Canadians are discussed. Canada has to do better, or we will be Canadians no more.

    1. they are taking from the cons too…..And Blanchette is a shill for Trudi….just on Tv he fights him but behind closed doors he is in Trudi’s pockets

  5. It’s going to be interesting. I cast my vote already. Just waiting for the results to be posted. I won’t be too surprised if my riding goes NDP. It always does.

    1. Im going to Vote without a mask on, or not vote
      -and make an official complaint ,
      i am in the only 2 blue ridings in BC . that won’t change .
      ELECTIONS CANADA May end with a Human Rights Complaint / claim
      if they need one

    2. @CanadaFirstchatt twentyseven it wont go anywhere, those kinds of laws have been in place for over 100 years and will fail any challenge you try. vaccines have been in use for over 300 years! since the 1700’s.

  6. Catherine is such a hack. Asked about the path to victory and she gives no answer and tries to tell NDP voters their party isn’t worth voting for. Everyone else gives some real answers.

    1. The liberals NEVER just give an answer…they all talk around the question and EXPECT that to be their answer.. transparent as mud

    1. Trudeau is long gone. You’re watching a movie. It’s not the real Justin Trudeau you’re looking at. Ask yourself “did Justin have speech therapy?” He use to studder and say um and ay a lot and now he’s a great speaker.

  7. The failure of Jason Kenney wasn’t to contain the 4th wave, it was to do literally anything. The UCP has spent more time on vaccation, during lockdowns, than being a leader.

  8. Well said James Moore (re: PPC influence). Although I would add that if the CPC doesn’t win seats, it’s not on the CPC but rather on the poor leadership of Mr. Erin “Flip Flop” O’Toole. He’s done so many 180s he doesn’t know which way he’s facing anymore! After he quits federal politics I suggest he gets a job as a University professor teaching geometry. He’d excel at it!

  9. Kind of strange to use words like “battlegrounds” to describe a plain old election. sensationalism down to the tiniest degree.

    1. Canada has always been the poor man’s USA. We know the Canadian Federal Elections only hinge with Ontario and Quebec. Every other province is seen as irrelevant by the Liberals. Last election it was called, before B.C. was even finished counting.

  10. These guests suck. Another note I went to my polling station for 9:30 am this morning and voted for my MP Michael Barrett in Leeds Grenville and Rideau Lakes

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