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  1. No one EVER is going to listen to polls again. EVER.

    • @The Philosopher of Culture
      Are you high or stupid ???

    • LISA N lol at around 1:00am tuesday trump declared victory. Biden is trying to steal the election?

    • @Q Continuum of stupidity??? It’s all over for the Trump era – who’s the next horror show nominee??? Any plans for 21st January 2021? Perhaps you and you confrères should dress up like soldiers and cavort on the streets so the populace can point and laugh at you for the idiots you are!!!!

    • @Mike Harper
      President Trump wins the attempted voter fraud and you have four more year’s of American peace.
      Don’t worry, we won’t burn your city’s down or Loot the neighborhood and be assured not murdering anyone.

    • @Q Continuum aren’t you done with being so totally wrong??? The next 24 hours are going to be really enjoyable for you aren’t they?

  2. Bernardo Martinez | November 4, 2020 at 9:25 AM | Reply

    This is why people have to VOTE regardless of their polls

  3. Anybody who depended on the polls didn’t learn a lot from last time.

    • Ugly German Truths | November 4, 2020 at 2:42 PM | Reply

      yeah cause it’s not the fault of people trusting media reports about what polls say above what POLLSTERS say they CAN say, that Polls are seen as misleading.
      What they track is a trend. A trend as measured by the people willing to participate in the poll and give a presumably honest answer. That has nationally usually a 3% margin of error as you cannot poll enough people to statistically egalize the problems of small sample sizes, you would need more than one millions respondents. And in State Polls the traditional margin of error is 4%

    • https://youtu.be/3SnyMAXVUzI only people who voted can watch this..

    • @Ugly German Truths I wouldn’t tell some dirty Pollster what I’m thinking so they can mark me down as a ‘Depolorable’ I’d identify as one of the many genders and claim my wifes boyfriends a Trump voting idiot.

    • they are dems. Do they ever learn? At least Latinos and Black learnt and got out there and voted this time. The Dems couldn’t keep them locked up on the Dem’s Plantation

    • @The Yeti well Biden looks like hes gonna take it my guy so they didn’t get out enough.

  4. America showing it’s true colours to the rest of the world.

  5. Absolutely Van. There’s a lot of hurt out there with the realization that this is America.

    • @Nonameforyoudangit haha so true! I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t pick (up) on that.

    • This logic is baffling. Hurt over what, the fact that both black Americans and white Americans are looking for something other than a career politician that hasn’t accomplished anything other than fattening his pockets off the American people. This I’m defeated attitude is old. I want equality, jobs, prison reform….all of which has been demonstrated by the President. Biden had decades to do something and did nothing. Jones is more privileged than most black Americans he is portraying a narrative that we should all be tired of. This isn’t about racism its about opportunities and people that are tired of being bullied by BLM and Antifa looting the cities. The dems are no longer for this country they put China before the people and that must stop.

    • Wesley Hitchcock | November 5, 2020 at 10:00 AM | Reply

      @J.M. Adams i feel sorry for you. But in your defense, not everyone has to be a decent person to voice thier opinion. Thats the beauty of the 1rst admendment. People can be as disgusting or delusional as they wish to be. You are given the right by the Constitution to be repulsive or to be simply a decent person. Like you and i. I choose to be decent even though i am just as prone to let anger speak as you are. But i choose to be decent considering my human frailties. And you choose to further discontent and repeat the lies that the trump administration tweets everyday. My parents and grandparents were Antifa but, back when i was much younger they were called the “greatest generation” or soldiers or casulties and 100s of 1000s died to give you that right. And to your point that BLM are burning cities, it just shows me that you have that Fox, OAN, Russia Today hogwash ingrained into your thoughts. But again the 1rst admendment also gives you the right to disregard facts and be as stupid as you want. Have a great day🥴🙈🙉

    • @Wesley Hitchcock Actually as a black woman, I realize that choosing the same nonsense is insanity. I could careless about Fox etc. But I know that this narrative that is being pushed is for the agenda of those other than the American people. I chose policy over party. Black Americans continously being locked into a democratic party has not proven to be beneficial in fact historically blacks were for the Republic as dems gave often placed laws that were harmful to us….not say that the republic are saints but the democratic party has always left us ti the wolves of systemic racism, Jim crow and now continously wanting a im better than you mentality because “you are a minority”..thars bs. These words are there to keep us under the same control. I want equality and the narrative that Trump is a racist tyrant and Biden a proven racist is a saint is absurdity.

    • Jenny C Thiverge | November 5, 2020 at 6:05 PM | Reply

      Hurt? I guess that’s understandable. Personally it only solidifies what my thought of the average American is truly like. Probably why some Countries typically detest Americans.

  6. The only way Biden wins is if the election is defrauded. As Nancy Pelosi just said ” we will continue to count the votes to see how many we need”

    • @Lone Wolf where’s the proof? you realize how dumb you sound? I remember when 3 years ago the FBI started investigating Trump’s 2016 campaign for cheating with Russia and you all called Dems sore losers. Look at yourself now lmaooo

    • @Rainbow Writer
      LOL, I really enjoy the completely braindead accusations of a far left lunatic such as yourself.
      It’s tragic we believe in transparency and fairness but the Demonrats consider any immoral accusation and deed acceptable to further their cause and way of governance contrary to the constitution.

    • @Grid Gaming we havent lost yet in case you didnt even realize this .Do you remember what the dems found ? Nothing ,do you understand what they actually did and that it was illegal? Probably not because all you know to believe is what the msm tells you to believe…When the evidence of election fraud comes out,the media will try and cover it up and tell you what to believe and you will fall for that too.Just take a look at that drunken old stinky Pelosi, cant you see that just about everything she tells you is a lie?

    • @Shawniemarie Moore https://twitter.com/fleccas/status/1324220539326603265 DEAD PEOPLE VOTING IS LEGIT ?

    • @Lone Wolf bro please show me one single credible source or evidence for any fraud in this election. The only person spewing those lies is the sore loser Trump and his party and supporters are just blindly repeating what he’s saying

  7. Well if you hadn’t locked Yang out, we would have had a candidate who people could actually get behind. But no, the DNC and media won’t learn this lesson.

  8. This election has made polling data irrelevant. Great job America.

    • The far left projections were FAIL.

    • Just taking longer cause of Covid. People don’t want to leave house 2 be safe so … you’re not going to be able to tally them up as fast as someone can when you vote by person.

    • @Andy Ausman
      Clearly you don’t understand how mail in voting works.
      They have to be sent in and post marked by a certain date which is way in advance of the time frame of election day.
      They are counted BEFORE election day and most polling stations have electronic voting machines that speed election day voting up. During that time mail in ballots are counted as well and people are called in to meet the demand.
      Look at all the states done, finished and not jerking off with the election.

    • @Q Continuum then why are some being counted over multiple days? So problems with the post office and other things don’t stop the ballots to reach on a certain date?

    • Haywood Jablowme | November 5, 2020 at 8:00 PM | Reply

      @Q Continuum Not all states count the vote before election day. Some states do and that’s why you see totals for those states already. You also have provisional ballots in every state that need to be counted.

  9. Milkeggsnproduce Milkeggsnproduce | November 4, 2020 at 7:39 PM | Reply

    CNN is doing better job than Fox. What has this world come to? 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. Re: the polls, makes you wonder if 1. people were either too embarrassed to admit they were planning on voting for trump, or 2. were thinking if the polls seemed to be slanted enough toward the democrats, that a lot of people said or would think “they don’t need my vote cause they’re already winning so couldn’t be bothered to go and vote”. Especially if the candidate they originally wanted wasn’t Biden. Personally I didn’t want Biden to get the nomination, but America can’t take another 4 years of trump and the GOPs shenanigans. So yes I voted blue for the fixing and hopefully improving of our country to start.

    • …or many people know what you are only just finding out. The media is heavily bias to one side.

    • imo, it’s your first point. Voter turnout is projected to be up by possibly TEN MILLION from just one election cycle again. Voter turnout was the highest you could possibly expect in today’s country. The polls were just even worse than 2016 due to the further polarization of Trump and people being ashamed to vote for him so they simply lie to the polls

  11. Mr. Jones, hold fast, it ain’t over until until its over. Joe Biden will be our President.
    “He who endures to end receive the prize.” Mr. Biden will be the President of The United States of America.

  12. Dear Van Jones, you helped to normalize Trump. You should also be ashamed.

  13. GooglR Ratings | November 4, 2020 at 9:46 PM | Reply

    USA is a broken nation with broken system, it was broken for years, Trump didn’t brake it, he exposed it and bursted the bubble. No doubt he needs to be removed from office, but if old school politicians think that things can return to old ways, no doubt another Trump will rise and win sooner rather than later.

    Also… please can we ban pre election polls, if our stock markets used such polls the markets would be crashing on regular basis, those polls are useless.

  14. Idk folks STILL BELIEVE POLLS Russia is all up in our stuff I know they have a hand in them just like all of our cookie jars

  15. It’s so sick of people to use the N word. It’s disrespectful to the max

  16. This is a sad election. The Clown vs Amnesia. No one wins.

  17. Imagine after crying fraud fraud if Trump actually wins!!! Lmao.

  18. What this shows to me is how many people no longer trust CNN and other mainstream media’s inaccurate representation of Trump.

  19. Neal Luczkiewicz | November 5, 2020 at 2:40 AM | Reply


  20. This is America. Trump has the peeled the onion all the way back.

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