'A lot' Of Politicking Still To Be Done On Infrastructure Deal 1

‘A lot’ Of Politicking Still To Be Done On Infrastructure Deal


NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent Kasie Hunt reports on the latest developments from Capitol Hill as senators debate infrastructure legislation.

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  1. There will not be such a deal. Whatever it will be, if anything, they all already know, and we get less. We are getting played again.


  3. So nothing will be done. It’s not like the guy before did anything either but this is even more pathetic.

  4. Anyone against this infrastructure bill is clearly an enemy of America. No one wants to see America fail to pass this infrastructure bill more than China.

  5. America needs infrastructure. Biden works for American people. He should do it. USA population is 331.5 mil. How many of them don’t want infrastructure ???

    1. Yes President Biden works for the American public but so do all of those in Congress. If President Biden could do it by himself then it would mean that we are living under a dictatorship and not a Democratic Republic. Maybe you would have been happier with the other guy that actually wanted a dictatorship and still wants one

  6. isn;t it a sad state of governmental affairs when ANY bill favored by a majority of Americans , and something [ infrastructure ] which is clearly needed ……. has to be at the mercy of ” politicking “”‘

  7. “Buy a man eat fish, he day, teach fish man, to a lifetime.”
    Joe Biden

  8. The enchanted pollution emotionally book because feast controversly own regarding a nosy dry. attractive, inexpensive spear

  9. Every time a liberal voter goes to the grocery store or gas station they are beginning to want the military to remove joe Biden from the white house ASAP.

  10. Wendy Rogers just ruined joe Biden desperat Hope’s of stopping the ARIZONA forensic AUDIT OF THE 2020 BALLOTS!! Garland wont survive in a Arizona prison facility!!

  11. Plenty of pipeline builders and other similarly skilled workers waiting to build pipelines etc. Good thing that pipeline project was killed so they are available.

  12. President Obama asked for the minimum and when he needed more the Republican politicians said no.President Biden has seen this betrayal before.Democrats need to stand firm

  13. Is 6 trillion a huge number? The Iraq war cost more and we didn’t get anything out of it.

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