'A Lot Of Scrambling' As Children Are Held At Border Longer Than Legal Limit | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

‘A Lot Of Scrambling’ As Children Are Held At Border Longer Than Legal Limit | MTP Daily | MSNBC


NBC's Julia Ainsley reports that more than 500 migrant children are being held in border patrol custody longer than the legal limit of three days. Aired on 03/19/2021.
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'A Lot Of Scrambling' As Children Are Held At Border Longer Than Legal Limit | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. There’s a blackout for reporters On the Border they’re scared to let the truth out Joe Biden has f*** this completely up

  2. This is abysmal viewership. I feel like I am one of the last ones out. Don’t worry guys, I will get the lights.

    1. @Polar Opposite, I think it’s just because people don’t trust the mainstream media anymore. Most people would trust an independent YouTuber over these networks now. Viewership for Fox, MSNBC, and CNN are way down. CNN is down 50% since Trump and will be going through layoffs soon. AT&T has been trying to sell CNN with no takers.

  3. Where’s the love, America.?? can’t some of you in the private sector help. Find a little love in your heart.

    1. @Polar Opposite is it because they’re spanish speaking, that Mexico should take them. Will America be willing to assist Mexico to take care of them.

    2. @Polar Opposite so the plan is to build shelters for them in a country that’s far worst off than us economically. Then wash our hands of the whole business. Come on polar, we must be better than that, it’s going to be hard, but we must make a greater effort to find a solution.

    3. @Polar Opposite I always remember the saying, wickedness and evil continues, only when good people do nothing. Now is not the time for America to stand down. No matter how ungrateful others are, it should not stop us from doing good.

  4. republicans had 4 years to fix the problem and instead of doing that, they wasted billions on an unfinished 5 mile wall in the middle of nowhere. Brilliant!

    1. @Polar Opposite Not griping about that unfinished wall. Just pointing out that it was a stupid idea to begin with. Because it didn’t solve the problem.
      If you need help tying your shoes too, ask an adult.

    2. @Pete Jones How so? Since it was t’rump who said everyone has to wait at the border. Those people were there in 2019, 2020, just like they are in 2021.
      Or is it Biden’s fault because he hasn’t fixed the problem yet that republicans failed to fix over the past 4 years?

    3. @Ro G Yes, it literally is Biden’s fault in this case. Instead of keeping the borders closed and preventing the system from being overloaded, he activly encouraged them and said, “Come in.” while they have no paper work, a good chance of having the virus, and will likley cause havoc in other areas, yet you somehow find a way to blame this on Trump, acting like he is responsible for your own life decisions.

  5. As a (D) mother who loves ALL children, I am willing to travel down there and take care of kids. All I need is a big house rented out for me and I can take care of the rest…

    1. @Ryan Cardoso get a hobbie, instead of hate.bashing. i would use the money i do have to help ypu ss well, though you sound as tho you were a miserable child

  6. That’s like a broken family adopting another child. We don’t have anything to offer or give more children, that’s supposed to be case by case not line up and that’s a burden if they have no one to care for them. Children need care. Where is there President at why they want ours.

    1. agree. need to charge countries ongoing fees for each person that runs out for scary or economic or weather reasons? its all about where a country spends their money. hold these countries liable for their people. wonder whyit has not been done all these years…

  7. This is absolutely criminal!! Biden, with his administration, need to be removed from office and prosecuted.
    How can anyone endorse this atrocity, and Biden? Anyone that didn’t think it could get worse than Trump now knows how wrong they are.

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