1. “Find votes” is a polite way of saying, “I need you to do a teensy weensy federal felony for me.”

  2. Sociopaths are so believable because they follow the narrative they’ve created. Normal everyday people recognize something’s off, but it usually isn’t enough to flag as dangerous. If you’ve never encountered a sociopath, consider yourself lucky.

  3. The filmmaker said it all. Trump wasn’t trying to find the truth of the 2020 election, he was trying to get to the result that he wanted. There’s a huge difference, the difference between democracy and totalitarianism.

    1. @Gulliver the Gullible I don’t care that doesn’t make Trump any less of a criminal and a traitor lol

    2. @Patrick Lauro Jr Capitalism. Works great for Republican who are about BIG Business and small GOVERNMENT help.

  4. Remembering that this whole mess is because one narcissist couldn’t accept that he lost and a bunch of cynical politicians realized they could use his psychopathy for their own cynical purposes.

    1. Is there any doubt that if it’s likely for the thought of one’s nation’s government to cross one’s mind when one is idle, that one’s government must be ENORMOUS (and that those for whom thoughts about their government never come to mind are those who have a smaller government)?

  5. “We need to find brave judges!” No, we need to find honest, fair and impartial judges. That goes for politicians, too.

    1. @Geoffrey Ryan “what has Ms brown done go not be honest ?? Please explain”
      You and I both know she’s honest, but the problem conservatives have with her is that she’s both a woman and black. On top of that, she’s highly successful. This makes them squirm in their seat.

    2. @DTS true I’d never imagine after Obama people can hate someone black because they are successful at their job

  6. In the good ole days when we actually had consequences for traitors, his head would be detached from his body under the rule of law.

    1. @ProfCheryl Why are you answering a question posed to Kenia McGuire – about possibly making new user names?
      And what are these ‘facts’ that you know?

  7. Never have I thought a President would be excused for insurrection by his own delusional stupidity. What horror is this reality that America has become?

    1. Couldn’t agree more. We have family and friends living in the US and they are horrified of what’s happened there and quite honestly frightened

  8. He understands democracy, he doesn’t accept it. Because he’s escaped accountability his entire life, he cannot conceive a scenario where he cannot cheat or intimidate to get what he wants.

  9. It’s amazing how often Trump assumes the posture of a small child. He’s such a strange mixture of unearned arrogance of self-regard and deep, deep insecurities.

    1. He has arrested development. Whenever the original major injury took place for him and destroyed his sense of self. I’m guessing 8-9 years old. Maybe younger. The guys most likely a narcissist of the grandiose type.

    2. @StevieMac! It’s what you say plus closing yourself off when hearing bad things, bigly. 😊

  10. Oh, he knew exactly what he was doing and how democracy works. He just disagreed with the outcome, thinks democracy is for losers and tried to force the result HE wanted. He was saying for years before the election that he wouldn’t accept the results if he lost.

  11. I have the greatest RESPECT for this man simply because anyone who could spend so much time so close to that pompous liar has got to have humongous 🥎🥎 and ♾️ patience!!!🙁

  12. “By limiting Donald’s access to his own feelings and rendering many of them unacceptable, Fred perverted his son’s perception of the world and damaged his ability to live in it.”

    1. True, I also believe the detached nature of his mother that denied him motherly love in his early years contributed to his lack of empathy.

  13. “Detached from reality”?! You think! His whole life is a fraud,smoke and mirrors and detached from reality! Just amazed at how many people fall for this conman and his fakery!

  14. A man detached from, Honesty, morals, intelligence, respect for his country, shall I go on?

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